A Disastrous Date

India never has a dating culture, so to speak. Handled maturely, dating may, however, be the answer to many our compatibility woes. Getting to know across a person, analyzing the rapport we share and attuning the mental and emotional wave length takes time and dating is a wonderful way of doing that in a wholesome, breezy manner. However, some dates are a dud, from the word ’go’. They make you wish to sink underground, run far away, and in short be invisible on the spot.

I was still in college, an all – girls’ college, at that. I had just started working part time in an event management company which organised trade fairs and exhibitions across the city and enlisted students as paid volunteers to manage company stalls and promote their products or services. The first experience of earning money is always great and life was looking up. We were a group of friends working together and the ambiance was such, it did not seem like work. It was all in good fun. 

I was in charge of a cement manufacturing company. The seniors in the company were extremely genial and indulgent. There was another guy, from a management institute who had just joined as an intern. He got a lot of preferential treatment, on account of his father who was a top-shot though he himself was quite sincere and affable. We struck a great rapport, on field, working in tandem and making light of all heavy work issues. For a fortnight, we were stuck together and we soon developed a great understanding and were always looking out for each other and sharing things which went beyond work.

During this work tenure, we were sent to distant spots too, in order to hold presentations and market our product. The pair was a success, on the job and at the end of those 15 days, we suddenly felt a void, whilst heading to our own separate paths in life.

Youth knows no limitations and we decided things need not be so hard and we would meet beyond work. So, we decided on a date or time to get together.In the days before the mobile phone took over all communications and made us so needy and fickle-minded, pre-deciding the date, time and venue was a given factor in dating.

Pronto, we were there in a restaurant, as decided and sat down next to each other. But wait! What do we talk about? We both suddenly realized that we had nothing to say to each other, beyond work. The conversation was stilted, lop-sided with no spark, whatsoever. He was quiet, I was hoping I would dissolve and will not have to say any more good-byes, in short, it was my first encounter in life that I sitting with a person of the opposite sex and there was no sparkle , at all.

I, somehow, managed to make an excuse about an unscheduled class cropping up and made a hurried exit and he too, mumbled something and followed suit. Worst, we did not even make any other plan nor promise each other to call. We just ran off in opposite directions.It was a disastrous date.

It tickle me plenty to imagine what he makes of that date, today. As, for me, since then, I have strictly kept my personal and professional life apart.

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