Third Grade

Third grade has been designed in accordance with the recommended topics. We will cover science, math and English in very exciting and interesting way. Science, Math and English are very vast subjects and hence it is indeed very difficult to integrate all the related aspects of various topics in a small and expressive way like this.

However, utmost care has been taken to represent the matters in a very lucid way to mitigate the inquisitiveness of the young minds for science, math and English of the 3rd grade standard.

Living and Non-Living Things

Living and Non-Living Things

Living Things Breathe

Living Things Need Food and Water

Living Things Grow

Living Things can Move

Living Things Reproduce

Living Things Die

Living Things Feel

Animals and Plants

Plants Life

Parts of a Plant

Roots and its Functions

Stem and its Functions

Leaf and its Function


Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

Animals and Birds

Animals and its Feeding Habits

Eating Habits of Animals

Movement and Shelter of Animals

Birds and its Food Habits

Feathers of Birds

Feeding Habits of Birds

Nesting and Hatching of Birds

Nesting Habits

Our Body

Human Body

External Organs

Organs in Our Body

Internal Organs

Care of the Sense Organs

Body Systems

Hair and its Importance

Teeth and its Importance

Food for a Healthy Body

Food Values

Food items Cooked or Raw

Our Safety

Safety Rules at Home

Safety Rules in the School

Safety Rules in the Playground

Safety Rules on the Road

First Aid

Clean and Hygienic Surroundings

Clean and Hygienic Surroundings

Water and Air

Materials, Water and Air

Water and Air

Importance of Air

Importance of Water

Solid, Liquid and Gases

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Universe, Weather and Seasons

Facts about the Universe

Facts About the Weather

Facts About the Seasons

Our Earth and Sky

Our Earth

Rotation and Revolution of the Earth

Solar System

Rock and Soil

Importance of Rocks and Soil

Soil and its Uses

Our Environment



Pollution in Cities

Healthy Environment

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