Fourth Grade

Fourth grade has been designed in accordance with the recommended topics. In this grade we will cover science, math and English in very exciting and interesting way. Science, Math and English are very vast subjects and hence it is indeed very difficult to integrate all the related aspects of various topics in a small and expressive way like this. Special importance is given for creating attractive layout on developing the concepts rather than merely providing information.

However, utmost care has been taken to represent the matters in a very lucid way to mitigate the inquisitiveness of the young minds for science, math and English of the 4th grade standard.

Living Things:

Living things

Adaptation in Animals

Animals living on Land

Animals living in Water

Animals living on both Land and Water

Animals living on Trees

Animals that Fly

Adaptation for Food in Animals

Adaptation for Protection in Animals

Adaptation in Plants

Plants living on Land

Plants living in Water

Food for Plants

Plant and its Roots

Plant and its Stem

Plant and its Leaves

Plant and its Flowers and Fruits

Why are Leaves Green?

How do Plants make Food?

Uses of Plants

Uses of Animals

Interdependence of Plants and Animals

Producers and Consumers

Care of Plants

Care of Animals

Animals that give Birth to Babies

Reproduction in Animals

Animals that Lay Eggs

Insects that Lay Eggs

Food and Food Preservation

Proteins to Grow

Carbohydrates for Quick Energy

Fats for Energy and Warmth

Vitamins for Good Health

Minerals for Good Health

Water is Necessary for Our Body

Balanced Diet

Care of Food

Cooking Food

Preserving Food

Human Body, Health and Hygiene

Skeleton System

Muscular System

Digestive System

Excretory System

Circulatory System

Respiratory System

Nervous System

Teeth and Microbes

Process of Digestion


Eating Habits

Kinds of Teeth

Structure of a Tooth

Taking Care of Our Teeth

Microbes and their Kinds

Safety at Home

Safety at School

Safety on the Ground

Safety on the Road

Importance of First Aid

Clothes we Wear

Water in Our Life

Polluted Water

Purified Water

Save and Store Purified Water


Disposal of Liquid Wastes and Solid Wastes

Prevention of Diseases and Harmful Germs

Matter and Materials

States of Matter

Change of State of Matter

Properties of Matter

Properties of Matter

Homogeneous Solution

Air, Water and Weather

Weather Changes

The Earth’s Water

Rotatory Motion of the Earth

Revolving Motion of the Earth

Factor Behind Clouds and Rain

Influence and Effect of Weather

Cloud, Dew, Fog, Frost and Snow

The Stars and The Sun

The Planets and The Solar System

Orbits of the Planets


Force on a Moving Body

Kinds of Forces


Energy and Forms of Energy

Conversion of Energy

Sources of Energy

Our Environment

Effects of Air and Water Pollution

Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable Waste

Layers of Soil

Kinds of Soil

Fertility of Soil

Different Crops

Worksheet on Adaptation in Animals

Worksheet on Adaptation in Plants

Worksheet on How Plants make Food

Worksheet on Plant and its Different Parts

Worksheet on uses of Plants and Animals

Worksheet on Interdependence of Plants and Animals

Worksheet on Reproduction in Animals

Worksheet on Food and Food Preservation

Worksheet on Human Body, Health and Hygiene

Worksheet on Digestion

Worksheet on Teeth and Microbes

Worksheet on Clothes We wear

Worksheet on Safety and First Aid

Worksheet on Water in Our Life

Worksheet on Sanitation and Harmful Germs

Worksheet on Matter and Materials

Worksheet on Air, Water and Weather

Worksheet on Our Universe

Worksheet on Force, Work and Energy

Worksheet on Our Environment

Worksheet on Soil and Crops

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