First Grade

First grade has been strictly designed to introduce science, math and English in an innovative way to the students. The main aim of is to give young students systematic guidance in their study of all the subjects. We attempt to cover all the essential topics of 1st grade.

The definitions and explanations of each concept or topic are given in clear and concise language. Much attention has been given to presentation and layout to make first graders learner friendly.

Some important points are kept in mind while designing all the topics covered in first grade integrated science, math and English.

  Interesting and simple language

  Well graded text matter

  Eye-catching and informative explanations

  A lot of creative worksheets

  Adding important facts to know for general knowledge

  Enjoyable and creative 1st grade activities

  Practice test worksheets are provided to strengthen and evaluate what the first graders has grasped.

First grade science:

First grade science lesson plans are arranged in such a way that the young students get a systematic guidance in their study of learning science. After completing the lesson plans we will practice huge number of first grade science worksheets.

Plant Life:

Plants Around Us

How Plants Grow

Food from Plants

Worksheet on Plants around Us

Worksheet on How Plants Grow

Worksheet on Food from Plants

Animal Life:

Animals Around Us

Food for Animals

Homes of Animals

Animals and their Babies

Worksheet on Animals Around Us

Worksheet on Food for Animals

Worksheet on Homes of Animals

Worksheet on Animals and their Babies

Our Basic Needs:

Cleanliness of Body Parts

Good Habits

Keep Fit and Healthy

Our Basic Needs

A House

Needs of Air

Needs of Water

Safety Rules and First Aid

Worksheet on Cleanliness of Body Parts

Worksheet on Good Habits

Worksheet on Keep Fit and Healthy

Worksheet on our Basic Needs

Worksheet on a Need of House

 Worksheet on Needs of Air

Worksheet on Needs of Water

Worksheet on Safety Rules and First Aid

Natural Phenomena:


The Sky

Living and Non-Living

Worksheet on Weather

Worksheet on The Sky

Worksheet on Living and Non-living Things

Body Parts

Food for Healthy Body

Worksheet on Our Body Parts

Worksheet on Food for Healthy Body

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