Fifth Grade

Fifth grade has been designed in accordance with the recommended topics. In this grade we will cover science, math and English in very interesting and specific way.

Science, Math and English are very vast subjects and hence it is indeed very difficult to integrate all the related aspects of various topics in a small and expressive way like this. Special importance is given for creating attractive layout on developing the concepts rather than merely providing information.

However, utmost care has been taken to represent the matters in a very lucid way to mitigate the inquisitiveness of the young minds for science, math and English of the 5th grade standard.

Types of Root System

Parts of Root

Functions of Root

Types of Stem

Functions of Stem

Identification of a Stem

Structure of Leaves

Functions of Leaf

Parts of a Flower

Types of Flower

Functions of Flower

Types of Fruits

Function of Fruits

Structure of a Simple Fruit

Habit of Toad

Toads and Frogs

Structure of Toad

Life Cycle of a Toad

Butterfly and Moth

Morphology of a Butterfly

Life Cycle of a Butterfly


Types of Honey Bees

Life Cycle of Honey Bee


Solar Energy

Current Electricity

Dry Electrical Cell

Static Electricity

Properties of Magnet

Magnetization and Demagnetization

Energy Crisis

Simple Machine

Types of Simple Machines


Mass and Weight

Units to Measure Mass

Mass of a Substance

Weight of a Substance

Measurement of Length

Measurement of Volume

Importance of Measurement

The Solar Family


Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse

High Tide and Low Tide

Stars and Planets


Rock, Soils and Minerals

Classification of Rocks

Soil and its Distinct Layers

Soil and its Types



Aluminum and its Uses

Copper and its Uses

Coal and its Uses

Petroleum and its Uses

Uses of Minerals

Blood Circulatory System

Human Heart

Human Excretory System

Importance of Excretion

Pollution and Conservation

Air Pollution

Worksheet on Stem System

Worksheet on Root System

Worksheet on Structure of Leaves

Worksheet on Structure of a Flower

Worksheet on Structure of a Fruit

Worksheet on Toad

Worksheet on Butterfly

Worksheet on Honey Bee

Worksheet on Solar Energy

Worksheet on Electrical Energy

Worksheet on Magnetic Energy

Worksheet on Energy Crisis

Worksheet on Simple Machine

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