Second Grade

In second grade we will cover science, math and English.

Second grade science:

Second grade science lesson plans are arranged in such a way that the young students get a systematic guidance in their study of learning and understanding 2nd grade science. After completing each lesson plans we will practice huge number of 2nd grade science worksheets.


Looking After Your Home

Changes in The World Around Us

Worksheet on Looking After Your Home

Worksheet on Changes in the World Around Us

Plants Life:

Types of Plants

What Plants can do?

Worksheet on Types of Plants

Worksheet on What Plants can do

Animals Life:

Where do Animals Live?

Wild and Tame Animals

Wild Animals

Domestic Animals

Worksheet on Where do Animals Live?

Worksheet on Wild and Tame Animals

Worksheet on Wild Animals

Worksheet on Domestic Animals

Worksheet on Plant and Animal Life

Human body:

Facts about Our Body

Bones and Muscles

Looking after Our Body

Food Gives us Energy

Food for Health

Worksheet on Facts about Our Body

Worksheet on Bones and Muscles

Worksheet on Looking after Our Body

Worksheet on Food gives us Energy

Worksheet on Food for Health

Air, Water and Weather:

Air and its Uses

Wind, Storm and Breeze

Water and its Uses

Forms of Water

Worksheet on Air and its Uses

Worksheet on Water and its Uses

Worksheet on Forms of Water

Worksheet on Air, Water and Weather

The Universe:

The Sun and the Moon

Worksheet on the Sun and the Moon

Rocks, Soils and Minerals:

Rocks, Soils and Minerals

Worksheet on Rocks, Soils and Minerals

Worksheet on Rocks and Stones

Houses and its cleanliness:

Types of Houses

Keeping Safe

Going Green

Worksheet on Types of Houses

Worksheet on Keeping Safe

Worksheet on First Aid and House

Worksheet on Going Green

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