A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Friendship is indeed rare and precious. Apart from family, the ties of which are determined by birth, the only relationship which is close to one’s heart and gives solace and company to our soul is friendship.

A friend is the one who would hold your hand in times of happiness and distress, who would tend to your wounding heart, reprimand you when you do wrong and pull you up every time you err and falter.

Friendship is not always about roses and good times. There are umpteen times when we would have difference of opinion with each other, yet to wade through those troubled times and still maintain dignity and respect for each other is what a friend is all about. A friend is not about partying and having a good time. It is certainly not always mush and giggles and it most certainly is not someone who leads up the wrong alley and puts us in the line of danger. He is the one who would always lead us towards righteousness, no matter how high the stake might be, he is the one who minces no words and ticks us off, even at the cost of displeasure.

Finding such a friend is no mean task. Throughout our lives we waltz through the various stages, meeting several acquaintances and people many of who might be great to hang around with but friendship is elusive. One has to pass through various stages and the friendship needs to be tested on various accounts before one actually qualifies to be a true friend.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A sycophant or a ‘yes’ man must never be confused as a friend since a friend shall never hesitate to venture their own opinion in things which matter. However, a friend who is always judgemental and keeps denting our self-worth and opinion is no good, either. Rather, one should look out for one who encourages, inspires, motivates and sees the goodness in us. For them our happiness and self-respect matters as much as their own. True to this, the opposite must also equally hold true.

When the whole world might pull us down, when we mighty doubt our own self-worth, friend never gives up. He is the person whom we look forward to at all hours of the day and night and together , as ateam, they are formidable and exhibit solidarity that is as real as gold.

Friendship does not demand equality in stature, religion, race, wealth or caste. It just requires a deep and intrinsic bond of heart that binds two people and makes them one cohesive unit. Mythology tells us about the friendship of Krishna and Sudamaand the bond of deep affection they shared. Without even uttering a word, Krishna understood the plight of his friend and duly went about making amends to the situation. Equally relevant is the tale of friendship between Karn and Duryodhana and how the former performed the ultimate sacrifice for keeping his word of friendship.

Friendship elevates and ennobles a person and brings out the best in him. One who has such a friend is truly blessed.

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