A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

This proverb clearly indicates that a friend who stand by us in adverse weather is the friend who should be with in fair weather.

In the journey of this life, there are quite a few people whom we bump across and it is not all, whom we can call friends. Some are mere strangers even after umpteen visits, some not more than acquaintances and a few, handful of those rare people make it to the lift of ‘friends’.

Being a ‘friend’ is no easy task. It is not someone whom you hang around with and let your hair down, it is not someone whom you go out for partying and shopping, it is not even someone who you indulge in gossiping with and it is certainly not someone who leads you up the wrong alley or does not stop you once you are being misled. It is someone who will holds your hands in times of distress, who shall not be daunted to confront you when you are in the wrong and certainly someone whom you can confide in and not worry about spilling it behind your back.

A friend is someone who knows howto take your hand and guide you towards light. True friends do not give up on their friends even when all the odds may be stacked against them. They stand by their friends through thick and thin. Someone with whom you can laugh unabashedly at the most nonsensical things, someone who is by your side regardless of the amount of fortune or power you may or may not have is a true friend.

One should take special care to nurture friends who are by their side in the hour of distress and grief. When you or your loved one is facing health scare and t eh friend stands by your side throughout the lean period that is the friend one must have in his account, by all means. Suppose you fall in the rut of bad company and are being misled, look out for a friend who knows how to knock sense into your thick headed skull, at that hour of darkness and draws you towards light.

Friendship is by no means an easy bargain. Ione has to make immense sacrifices and be willing to put up with a lot of odds to be and have true friends. True friends never desert us in times of need, rather they become our strongest pillars of support. They motivate us, inspire us and support us in innumerable ways.

It is not necessary that one must have friends from one’s own class, stature or field. Friendship can happen in unimaginable situations with people of all categories. What is important is the level of respect, trust and camaraderie shared between the two.

True friendship is rare, it is priceless and it is the most valuable relationship to covet, care and nurture. They are God’s special gift to select few and those who are fortunate enough to have the benefit of such friendship must by all means treasure them infinitely.

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