Adjectives and Participles followed by Prepositions

Adjectives which are defining words and Participles which function as Adjectives either in the present or past form (also referred to as Verbal Adjective) pair best with certain Prepositions. Though the list is an exhaustive one, yet we have tried to bring some semblance of order by listing the most commonly used Adjectives and Participles with their corresponding Prepositions.

Some of the common instances of Adjectives and Participles followed by Prepositions are:

1.       Absorbed in

·         I was deeply absorbed in the pages of the book.


2.       According to

·         According to Greek Mythology is the God of Sun.


3.       Accustomed to

·         I am kind of accustomed to his dismissive attitude.


4.       Afraid of

·         Even today, in my adult years, I am afraid of darkness.


5.       Anxious for / about

·         I am anxious about my son’s health.


6.       Ashamed of

·         I am ashamed of my drunken behavior last night.


7.       Aware of

·         I am quite aware of the consequences of my digression.


8.       Capable of

·         I am quite capable of dealing with my anger issues.


9.       Confident of

·         I am confident of my ability to handle this arduous task.


10.   Due to / for

·         The parcel is due to reach me by the end of this week.

·         The parcel is not due for another one week.


11.   Exposed to

·         He is now exposed to the public infull glare.


12.   Fit for

·         He is not fit for the job of a janitor.


13.   Frightened of / at

·         I am not frightened of him anymore.


14.   Good at / for

·         He is a good for nothing.

·         He is good at sports.


15.   Interested in

·         I am interested in watching this movie.


16.   Involved in

·         He is involved in some kind of scam.


17.   Known for

  • He is known for his philandering ways.


18.   Keen on

·         He is not too keen on appearing for his final exam this year.


19.   Liable to/ for

·         He is liable to pay the damages in such case.


20.   Nervous of

·         I am nervous of visiting the doctor


21.   Pleased with

·         I am pleased with the outcome of the case.


22.   Prepared for

·         I am prepared for the worst outcome.


23.   Proud of

·         I amproud of you, my boy!


24.   Owing to

·         Owing to the mounting pressure of my parents, I had to agree on getting married.


25.    Ready for

·         I am ready for the consequences.


26.   Responsible for

·         I am responsible for the repercussions of my act.


27.   Scared of

·         I am scared of the ghosts of my past.


28.   Sorry for / about

·         I am sorry for making you feel this way.

·         I am sorry about this entire debacle.


29.   Suspicious of

·         I am suspicious of him dealing in these nefarious activities.


30.   Terrified of

·         I am terrified of the ghosts of my past stumbling into my present.


31.   Tired of

·         I am tired of your constant interference in my life.


32.   Used to

·         I am used to this kind of protests and opposition.

English Grammar and Composition

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