The word ‘Adventure’ in itself is a relative concept. What might seem extremely adventurous to my timid self may be routine for someone else. The definition varies from person to person. Overall, it may be termed as a risky enterprise, a challenge that pushes us beyond our comfort zone and lands us into an uncertain zone. It is thrilling, it is exciting and it is daring. It is a repertoire of activities which add a new dimension to our lives and jolt us out of our complacence to potentially dare something which gives us a major adrenalin rush. For some, it must be a once in a blue moon break from monotony of life, for others it may be the way of itself.

There is an unending array of Adventure sports, designed to thrill. There is archery, camping in the mountains or forest or by a river side, canoeing using single bladed paddles, mountain or rock climbing using trained specialists and equipment, kayaking on a fierce mountain stream, mountain biking along rough, rocky terrain, skiing using mountain skis or snow board or Gorge – walking, i.e. following the course of a stream by swimming, scrambling or walking using specialist equipment. Apart from these major ones there are a host of others like aqua zorbing, fishing, swimming, playing water volleyball, chilling out by the side of bonfires and others which add a different dimension to our repertoire of experiences.

Adventure trips satiate our souls and the memories keep us charged and enervated for a long time. They add to our memories, our knowledge, and enable us to learn new tricks and new things about ourselves and the world at large and makes for brilliant story-telling episodes. The experiences that one gathers in the course of this life-changing episodes act as fuel to a myriad emotions like excitement, fear, nervousness, thrill , danger and a feel good factor about one’s own abilities.

It’s a truth, universally acknowledged that any adventure trip introduces one to new facets about oneself and makes one add new elements to the persona. The person who comes back from those Adventure trips is changed forever. He is more alive, more refreshed, more self-confident and more enterprising in all his future endeavours. Surmounting challenges leave one with positive feeling about oneself and thus has a huge impact not only physically but mentally too. They expose us to new cultures, new horizons, new people and force us to break erstwhile walls which our perceptions had led us to believe and expand our horizons about nature and human civilization. Our weaknesses are challenged and our strengths tested in the tines of distress and adversity.

It is also true however, that one must attempt Adventure Sports as per one’s capability and inclination and not according to peer pressure. Moreover all such activities must be performed under specialist supervision with protective equipment and risk absorbing features.

Whatever makes a person happy, elated, excited and broadens one’s horizons is an adventure. Taking a train trip down the length and breadth of one’s country or traversing the heights of the sky and fathoming the depths of the sea, figure out the adventure that seeks to thrill you and go for it. It is, therefore rightly said that ‘Jobs fills our pockets and adventure fills our soul’.

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