Bones and Muscles

Bones and muscles give our body a definite shape. Here we will learn about the different parts of our body and their postures.

Bones: All parts of the body are held together by bones. Our bones together form the skeleton. Skeleton is the framework of bones in the body. The skeleton gives our body its shape.

The Skeleton is a Framework of Bones

When we born we had more than 300 bones. 

 Some of these will join together and when we are grown up we have 206 bones. So, there are 206 bones in our body. Thigh has the longest bone. Bones support and protect the soft inner body parts. The place where two or more bones meet is called a joint. We can bend our body at the joints like elbow joint.

Muscles:The soft parts below the skin are the muscles. Muscles are attached to the bones. Bones and muscles work together and help us to move, walk, run and cycle. Muscles become strong when we use them regularly.


Let us learn how different exercise and body postures can make our body healthy and strong.


Regular exercise makes our bones and muscles strong. We must run and play games.

Free-hand Exercise

Postures:Posture is the position to hold our body when we stand, sit or move about.

How to stand?

To stand in the correct posture we need to:

(i) Stand erect with the back straight, chin in and chest out.

(ii) Put the weight of our body evenly on the feet.

Correct Posture to Stand Straight

How to sit?

To sit in the correct posture we need to:

(i) Sit up against the back of the chair with our back straight.

(ii) Keep our feet flat on the floor.

(iii) Do not bend or stoop our body or shoulders.

Correct Posture to Sit Straight

How to walk?

To walk in the correct posture we need to:

(i) Walk straight with our shoulders thrown back and head held high.

(ii) Swing our arms freely.

Correct Posture to Walk Straight

A good posture gives proper shape to our body and keeps us healthy.

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