In the course of life, since we assume responsibilities for our own actions, if there is one decision that is deigned to exert the maximum influence on allour future actions andits ramifications, it is the choice of our career. It is the charter of our lifebased on all our learnings, preferences, aptitudes and other aspects. It is the determinant of job satisfaction, work related enthusiasm and our mental peace and happiness, to a large extent. The final decision ought to come after serious deliberation and introspection and may entail the help of a senior, mentor or professional career counsellorin order to arrive at the final resolution.

The choice of a career is significant. In life, we might take up many jobs before we might realise that we are not exactly cut out to enjoy doing this, in the longhaul. But the choice of a career involves a long period of training, learning and we are committed to in the longer course of life. U-turns, at a later juncture may prove to be too difficult or risky to undertake. (However, it always helps to keep an open mind). Hence, this is one conclusion, we need to draw after a thorough analysis of various parameter, some of which we will be discussing today:

1. Introspection: Before taking the plunge, we must strive to know in detail about our interests, aptitudes and innate skill that makes us pre-disposed to certain career. Now aday’s one can enlist the help of professional counsellors who have devised psychometric tests to objectively find out one’s interests and inclinations in life and suggest the best course to take.

2. Information-Gathering: Once that is underway, we need to find out in detail about the particular career choice in terms of salary, job requirements, leave, job reputation, security, chances of advancement, motivational drives and interpersonal relationships in that line of work to gauge whether one would like to commit to it in the long haul. This will narrow down the choices.

3. In depth-Analysis: One may pursue this line of thought by finding out more about the particular career choices one has narrowed down through actual interaction with professionals in that line of work or reading more about them, on a factual basis. Each career choice will involve certain codes, commitments, risks, sacrifices that one may be unprepared for and this can help one to re-consider the initial choice and find out alternatives. For example joining the medical profession involves years of studying, hours of gruelling work and working in dire circumstances. In case, one is not prepared one can look into allied medical services as an alternative career choice.

4. Objective-Setting: Once one has opted for the particular career choice, one needs to be diligent about breaking it up in short term plans and long term plans, in order to achieve the milestone. Short term plan may be to focus more on the Science and Mathematics subject, for now and long term goals may be to start preparation for appearing in the Entrance Examinations, in all earnestness.

5. Final Training: Before jumping into any career, it is advisable and most times necessary to undergo a rigorous training programme which equips one accordingly for the actual job, This training is essential not only to know the technicalities of the job at hand, but also to acclimatize oneself with the requirements of a job and eliminate regret at a later point. 

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