God created man. No one is enemy to him. Man created community. But this communism is good to the man. So communism should not be the reason to make conflict. The word communism comes from the Latin word`communis’. It means general or universal. Its synonym is equal state. Communism is philosophical, social, political and economic ideology and movement. Its ultimate goal is to establish a communist society. This society will be in a socio-economic   order built upon the common ownership for the means of production. In communist society there will be no classes, money and the state. Community includes many schools of thought. Communism has the influence of Marxism and anarchism. It also has the views of political ideologies. All of these make the analysis that the current position of society turns from economic status to capitalism. There is no torture to any one irrespective of class and money in a communist society. In this type of society there is absence of the right of personal possessions.

In this type of society view is set up without any personal possession and with the power of nation in every production and in natural resources. Communism is a developed and upcoming form of a society. But there is a deep conflict in between them.

The aim of both was to replace the individual possessiveness and capitalism. According to Karl Marks’s thought communism is such pick of society to reach to reach to its top we need to establish equality in the society through revolution. In this session if there will be increase of production then there will be an excess of products and services in our society.

If a country has communism then there will be no difference of rich and poor. Government will take the responsibility to make certain our basic rights.

Communism is independent. It is a well- established society of concerned worker people’s high level of integrated thinking. In which the rule will be everyone‘s own rule. In such type of society the labour will be the extreme to everyone for the benefit of our society. This need will be realised by everyone. Everyone’s ability will be for the good of common people too much. Communism gives a man a lot of social freedom. In this section there will be the right of electing by communist organizations and to make election. It has the right to participate in administrative section of society.

Communism gives the right of education, rest, pleasure and leaves. It gives the right to do creative works in the fields of property and cultural production. Communism gives a man all cultural effects as well as helps to contribute directly in the field of science and industry.

Communism is the full consent system of a penniless person. At the same time it is a new social system. It is different from any other consent system and social system. In human history it is the most complete, developing, revolutionary and rational social system which has so many benefits in the lives of the social people.

Communism is a new thinking. It came from the brain of several intellectuals. No matter how big is its definition but its foremost issue or view is to do good to the common people.  This thought is the milestones to go forward to a modernized and biasness free world. In this system the terms and conditions are very easy and it will be beneficial to everyone. This kind of thinking gives us an opportunity to be a complete social being. So let’s precede the journey towards communism to have a better world of peace  and persiverence.

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