Dating at a Young Age

Love is a potent emotion and it is easy to be judgemental about teenage love, dismiss it as ‘puppy love’ and not the so-called real thing since a body and mind as yet undeveloped and unmatured, to process the complexities and intricacies of such an evolved and onerous emotion, is as yet unprepared.

The power of love is infinite. It can lead, inspire and turn ordinary folks into poets, writers, artists and muses. It can make the most laid back of us plod to the end of the earth to attain the impossible but such kind of love needs time, passion and concerted effort to make it work. Youngsters who are still grappling with the rapid changes in their own mind, body and hormones need time to figure this out and any haste might lead to a lot of setbacks, heartbreak, anxiety related disorders, dip in academic performance, a dilution of their career goals and in worst of circumstances lifelong scars.

With the onslaught of internet, young minds are exposed, before time to love,sex and passion. Getting in and out of relationships has become more of a contest between peers rather an organic process of falling in love. Where the tag of being single invites derision, humiliation even ridicule, it is not surprising to find youngsters keen to jump into the bandwagon of dating, just to keep pace with their friends, throwing all good sense and caution to the winds.

Their minds who have yet to realise the profundity of this emotion, fails to sift out love from a mere attraction towards opposite sex. Too many heartbreaks and separationslater, they might be wiser but unnecessarily scarred. Their minds, which is yet evolving, is not equipped to churn out logical, sane responses to bubbling emotions and jealousy, over-possessiveness and dejection may make them prone to over-anxiety, depression, violent outbursts , even suicidal contemplations.

Their emotional ineptitude makes them unaware of how resilient the heart can be. Where every dejection seems to be an assault f their identity, where every break-up might seem catastrophic, where every new attraction might seem the love of one’s life, dating on a one-to-one basis, at such a tender age is bound to have serious ramification, if unguided and unsupported.

Where the only emotion which makes the world go round seems to be love for the opposite sex, an entire chunk of growing up phase is deeply compromised. Camaraderie with friends, bonding with parents, rapport with siblings, relationships with mentors take a backseat and some very beautiful moments of growing up phase in life is left  unformed and incomplete. Academic performance is bound to suffer in the wake such major emotional and mental upheavals and career goals compromised.

Getting physical on a one-to-one dating is but a natural progression. But a youngster whose body is still in the process of growing up is largely unaware of the safe methods of precautions to be observed in order to have a healthy relationship and a small margin of error in such circumstances lead to irrevocable consequences financially, physically, mentally and emotionally the consequences will be way out of league for a young one to handle.

Wouldn’t it rather be a better option to indulge in a lot of free interactive sessions with the members of the opposite sex without the awkwardness and burden of one-to-one dating? Getting to know the opposite sex, mingling with them as friends, hanging out with them and then perhaps as time progresses and adulthood seeps in, gradually coming to realization what one actually seeks in a partner and how committed and responsible one can be, to take the next logical step forward through a one-to-one dating to hopefully land up with one’s soul-mate.

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