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My Grandparents were two individual belonging from two poles of life. My Grandmother came from a ‘zamindar’ (rich merchant)  family  and My Grandfather was a ‘Pundit moshai’ (learned master) with poor background. Whom would you call a poor? Someone who is less of money and wealth or someone with less education, knowledge and attainment of spiritualism? It is a multimillion dollar question in today’s world! 

In today’s universe we evaluate a person with his achievement of wealth and liquid legal tender. In those days of my grandparents, society had respect for ‘pundits’. Thus, my grandmother got married to a poor ‘pundit ‘my grandfather.

My Grandmother as I had seen and evaluated her was a beautiful fair lady not very literate but with enough wise knowledge and absolute perseverance. She had the knowledge of running large family of fifteen to seventeen members very efficiently and diligently which any student of an MBA of the present education system would envy. Understanding the fact that my grandfather was poor  ‘pundit ‘  who had the earning out of performing ‘pujas’ (prayer)  in several houses of the lower caste in the society of those days. But my Grandfather had great earning of respect and knowledge especially of Hindu rituals and ‘Shastras’. He was regarded in the neighbourhood as a just advisor for all the problems encountered by the residents nearby. He was an honest, down to earth and simple gentleman who understood life as the greatest gift of the Almighty. His simplicity earned his huge reverence both at home and outside. He had simple two times meals and devoted most of his time into reading the Hindu Sanskrit scriptures and doing meditation. He had immense knowledge of Sanskrit language and many used to come to him for consultation.

 Another most important knowledge my Grandfather had was the knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology.  He had numerous acolytes and disciples in this regard.  Many used to give alms out of their love, affection and reverence for his wellbeing and survival. The society in those days had such tendency of acceptance of running. He never as far as I could remember from my faint memory; ever complained to anyone if any one never gave him any money or alms for any reason. That was his sense of generosity or perhaps greed could never touch him. Later on I discovered this character trait in my own biological father whom I called ‘Guruji’. 

My Grandmother through whom I learned the boldness in life was a strong lady with deep voice and an articulate administrative ability. She ran a huge family of a poor husband (who unfortunately died at an early age) very artistically and successfully. All the nine offspring (sons and daughters) she nourished with utmost care and made them is independent and successful in profession and also got them well married in good families. But always remained independent and died the last breath at an old age doing everything by herself. You can call it a special gift of her Lord! 

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