Effects of Pollution

Pollution now a days a burning name in the world. It is an ornament of 21st century. Pollution is increasing day by day. Now modern people are too modern so that their modernity affects the life in every step. Our environment is harmed by pollution. Its sustainability is affected due to pollution. Our environment is made of so many things, such as air, soil, water. So there are several types of pollution. These are - air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution. Besides that there is sound pollution which is great menace today.

Environment means nature. Nature means life. Any unnatural attempt is considered a poison to human- beings. Nature has a resistance power when it exceeds to an extreme level it becomes a   great problem to life.

First I tell about the effects of air pollution. Air means life. This includes so many gases. They are in this atmosphere at a certain level. When this level exceeds it means pollution.

The ruthless kind of modernity is the main cause of air pollution. People’s use of plastic or polymer is a cause of air pollution. The green house effect is a vital cause of environmental (air) pollution. Next I want to express that people’s use of livestock is another cause of air pollution. It causes so many dangerous diseases. Household air pollution is the prime cause of man’s death. The diseases which come through air pollution are-ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease (stroke), lung cancer and chronic obstructive disease etc. Trees are deforested in an alarming rate and we could not get fresh air to breathe. This is a great effect of pollution. It’s a menace to our health.  

Soil pollution is another type of pollution which affects the sustainability of our environment. Due to soil   pollution human-being’s lives and animal’s life are both affected. It affects soil environment. Soil erosion has the power to make an impact to both human’s life and animal’s life. It degrades the quality ofproduction.Though there will be production but it mingle with toxic elements.

Water pollution is another type of pollution which has vital role in environmental pollution. It is harmful to humans, animals and water life. It affects ecosystem, wildlife, health, etc., Water bodies are affected too much. So that it is a great concern to human-beings.

Next I want to highlight about sound pollution which is a very   great concern to today’s life. Due to excessive level of sound modern people are facing so many health hazards. Heart patients are too much affected. Short-term deafness or long -term deafness is also the effect of sound pollution. Now a day’s stroke is a very common incident. Sound pollution not only affects our organisms but it also influences our structural body. Sound pollution is the great source of cardiovascular diseases. Noise or sound is the cause of mental imbalance or emotional imbalance. People are losing their temperament or tolerance level very easy. Our attention is breaking down just due to sound pollution. Headache, blood pressure, heart failure are some of noise related diseases. A prolonged period of sound pollution can obviously damage to our brain, liver and heart.

Pollution affects our mental health. It is the cause of diseases like depression, insomnia and so many health hazards.

So one thing is clear that at which ever level the pollution is, it is harmful to human-beings. We should be very cautious about the pollution and take necessary steps to decrease its level.

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