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Nelson Mandela once quoted “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“. This statement, in itself is a powerful indication of the immense power wielded by education in human life. If one is wading in the murky waters of darkness, with no hint of light or hope to lead him out of it, rest assured, education may just hold his hand and pull him out. It is the light at the end of the tunnel; it promises new life, new hope, and new promises.

In a world wrenched apart by difference is race, color, religion , caste, gender , ability , education is the only denominator capable of bringing all at par and giving every human being an equal chance to succeed.

However, the road to education is certainly not an easy one .Education is not only what we learn in the pages of a book, in the classrooms of a school, in the words of a teacher. Education is that and everything else beyond which affect our realm of experience to mould, shape and re-invent our thinking , fortifying and emboldening us, far beyond what our latent weaknesses shall allow.

Dalai Lama was so right when he prophesied that “while educating the minds of the youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”, for an enlightened mind may not be as effective in changing the world as an impassioned heart.

The value and significance of a good education can never be undermined. It adds value and richness to one’s life and no matter, what one goes ahead to do in life, whether one opts for a blue collar job, a white collar job, a leader of an nation, a social worker, a teacher, a business person or a homemaker, education will stand one in good stead and provide one the best footage in life.

It has the ability to draw one out of insecurities, frailties and failings and gives one the assurance of a better life, better income, better opportunity and better contribution. The best gift we can shower on our off springs is being better educated ourselves so as to grant them a better shot in life, better health awareness, better hygiene and better empathy towards the world, at large. It is the best check against many diseases which are highly infectious, for it creates awareness and promotes measures for its prevention.

The keen awareness towards the happenings in the word around us make us better informed and more responsive towards the global issues and lends one the assurance and confidence needed to bring about positive change by optimum utilization of one’s potential.

Education is an essential, key element to leading to a more fulfilling and promising life, but this education has to reach one and all regardless of class, income or gender differences.

Confucius quoted, billions of years ago, something which is so relevant, more so, today education breeds confidence, confidence breeds hope, hope breeds peace’.

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