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“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

                                                                                   -Michael. J.  Fox 

Father and mother I love you – this is the very definition to the word “family”. Mother, father and children are the tools to make a family. But the word family is more than that. As in a family, especially in a joint family there are grandfather, grandmother, .uncles, aunts and so many brothers and sisters with cousins. This is the actual example of a complete family.

A house made of bricks and cement is just a building. It’s not at all a home. But with the family members it becomes a home, moreover a sweet home.

Our family is the strength of our life. Our family gives us the first teaching of fundamental education. From there only we can get more moral learning than in the books. If a child gets love, respect, affection, caring of his family he or she would be a responsible gentleman in his future.

A good family relationship is very healthy to both health and mind. Even in our life’s decision sometimes we find the shadow of our family learning. It‘s a very vital part of our life. In nature it is very energetic and in every way it is a well-wisher.

Without a family man as a social animal has no value. You must find so many cases that some people are billionaire but they are not happy. It is because they don’t have a family. Only for this mal nutrition they get dead drunk or sometime engaged them with any other addictions.

Our family is a boon to our life. Family is the only place where we can get unconditional love. When in this commercial era we are judging each moment in the rate of profit or benefit our family is constantly giving us shared and unshared happiness without any condition. So it is my earnest request to you to try to give importance to your family life.

A family is more valuable than money, pleasure and other worldly possessions. As you have the power to earn money again. You have the power to get pleasure again anytime. There would be surely a time then you will be able to buy all the worldly things. But in reality you have no power to come back your family.

It is very hard to find someone who truly cares for you, understands your need as well as love unconditionally. But you have your family who cares for you. Is it a good thing to lose such valuable thing? I think never in life.

Family gives important not to your status but to your existence. They want you first. Again it is proved that family is selfless towards their children. They accept your success and failure. They have no desire to you. In every defeat or fall you can find them in your side. When you get deceived by others they become your strength. Even in danger they are always with you in every form. Having a good family you never feel lonely in your lifetime.

So here many advantages of a good family have discussed. It’s my advice to the people that they should not tear this thread in their life .Remember a good family is the bliss of God. Everyone has no such fortune to get that gift.  So try the best to keep this gift forever.

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