Following a Dream

Pursuing dreams is the one sole reason which keeps man from falling into the abyss of darkness and despair or become cynical caught in the humdrum of the daily grind if human life. Our dreams are what set us apart from other species, ranking us higher in the hierarchy, defining and re-inventing us each moment and making our lives worthwhile.

When I was very young, I remember my mother often telling me, that our dreams are away of God reaching out to us to have a talk. It gave me immense hopes and aspirations, for sure. Coming from a very small place and confined by the circumstance of my life, dreams were a very expensive proposition. It was understood that in order to support my life I will have to land up a job as soon as I crossed the threshold of bare minimum education. So, dreams were a big ‘No’.

My passion was towards English Literature but in the small city I came from pursuing it to land a job would entail education far beyond my financial capacity. So, reluctantly I appeared for my Management entrance exam and finished my Management degree course from a local college, balancing it with part time job I already was doing to support my family. Once the course was over, life took over and I too got caught in the web of corporate grind.

The pay package took care of a lot of financial obligations and while my friends zoomed off to pursue their masters and later doctorates in English Literature, my life seemed to have hit a roadblock. Much as I wanted to stay invested in my current career choice, I just could not find the light at the need of the tunnel.

After months of deliberation and restlessness, I finally decided to do my Masters in English literature, albeit a correspondence course. Life became even tougher running from a full time job in the MNC to an exhaustive course, which became even tougher since I was doing it after a hiatus of three years. But my heart was content, dwelling on those pages. It was something I always felt inspired to do and after much sweating and exerting , I got my Master’s degree, two years later and promptly went on to do my M.Phil., while balancing my job. I followed it up in quick succession with a diploma or two in writing.

Bu this time in life, I knew I wasn’t ready to slog in any further in the corporate job and against the best of advices; I chucked it up and took up an academic line of work in keeping with my interest. 

Writing happened organically. It was while I was teaching that I ventured into handling the publishing of the Annual School Magazine in which I was given the responsibility of compiling, editing and composing articles for the School Journal. One thing led to another and here I am, full-fledged into the realm of a profession, which I do not only enjoy but cherish. 

The road leading to the pursuing of my dreams has never been an easy one. It never is. I had to bear the brunt of a lot of unsolicited and disparaging remarks from so –called well-wisher, who thought I was messing around with my life big time by giving up the assurance of a secured job and taking up random bits of writing work. But the heart knows it is on the right track and that is all it counts, at the end of the day.

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