For those of us who are blessed with green fingers or even for those who are not, but are not averse to dirtying their hands, gardening can prove to be a wholesome hobby with a host of health benefit to boost. However it is not for the fickle minded or the forgetful ones. Once you decide to rear up a living being whether be a child or a pet or a plant , it no more remains a hobby but becomes a full time investment requiring hard work, dedication and involvement.

The key to the most successful gardening spree lay in the foundation of the soil. If the soil is well-prepared and tended to in advance before planting the seeds, half your job is done. However, it means getting down in the dirt, soiling your hands in the soil and earth and watering the ground on a regular basis. It cannot be a sporadic impulse of the mind but must involve persistence and dedication to do it well and more importantly to do it right and do it on a regular basis.

A plant can sense love and affection. The impulse to take up gardening should not be guided by any other factor rather than the love of having plants and flowers bloom around us leading to a more organic life. Science has conclusively proved that human touch has a nurturing effect on the botanical species. The company of flowers, leaves and plants is like a therapeutic influence on human psychology who feels fresh, recharged and revitalized .The aesthetic beauty of these green wonders can put to shadow the most expensive artefacts and art decors.

One feels inspired sitting amidst the green bounty of nature. Poets, writers and even scientist like Newton have considered nature to be their best muse. Doing the daily grind in open air, getting hands dirty and minds focused on bringing up another being has immense health benefits for the young, matured and the elderly.

A well- tended garden is akin to a treasured piece of art but like all other carts, the basic craft needs to be mastered in order to create a masterpiece. There are definite stages, steps and methods that cannot be undermined in order to quest to create a green haven, in a jiffy. The amateur gardener has to learn the ropes of planning, grooming and combining different plants as per the season to be able to reap dividends.

Now a days, YouTube and the world of Google throws a barrage of information, for those who are really keen on learning.  However, a good old family person, a professional gardener or someone who has a long experience in this field may be the best guiding spirit. Overall one must tend to one’s instincts, passions, ingenuity, good taste and experiential learning.

Lastly, it will do good for us to remember that the world is not ours alone but we share it with a huge variety of other species and taking up gardening, is one sure way of ensuring that we are doing our bit to reverse the trend of damaging the planet and secure its well-being.

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