Honesty is the Best Policy

In today’s world of rampant corruption and blatant lies, it becomes extremely difficult to uphold and promote the sanctity of the maxim Honesty is the Best Policy but never the less the truth remains and it is fairly acknowledged that Honesty , be it towards others or most importantly towards oneself is the best and the only enduring policy of any significance.


Many of us feel the need to resort to lies or opt for dishonest means because we opt to take the easy way out rather than slog it out the righteous way. However, lying and deceit comes with its own price tag while truth is always invaluable .Please take note that whatever we do, influences the next generation more through our actions than our words. So, if we wish the coming generations to opt for honesty and speak the truth, we need to practice it first.

No matter how dishonorable and unpleasant the truth may be, eventually it shall reveal itself. So, it is better to retain the trust and belief of other people and your own reputation by maintaining an honest stance as far as applicable. Friends and neighbors shall know whom to bank upon, in case of an honest feedback, help or suggestion since you are not likely to sugar coat things but shall offer a mire sound and honest opinion. You shall eventually save yourself a lot of heartache, exertion and emotion by not falling into the trap of upholding your lies by creating a vicious web of deceit and dishonesty. You will evolve as a better and more matured person if you can assume the responsibility of your words and actions in an honest manner.

Also, one has to take into consideration that treat others the way you would yourself like to be treated. No one prefers to be lied upon, so mete out the same treatment to others. Also, note that ultimately the people who care about you and are your true friends shall accept you for what you are and your honest opinions without feeling the need to hide behind a façade. Whether you are a business man or a salaried employee or a family man or a parent or a teacher or a public servant, honesty shall invariably hold you in good stead.

However, it is also equally important to remember that being honest does not give you the right to be blunt and rude and hurt other people’s feeling in the guise of being forthright. Communication is the key to put forth your honest opinions in a mild, diplomatic and humane manner so that people can accept your words more readily. Moreover, if your being honest amounts to meddling or hurting another person then it is best to remain quiet or let the opportunity to speak up, pass. Honesty is honesty which makes you live with a clear conscience and allows you a good night’s sleep.

We hope that if each for us to live in.

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