Man’s nature is like a chainless bird. It wants to fly in the sky. Man’s first desire as a human being is their independence. Man loves to be an independent person. We know that in 1757 India lost the freedom and became the slave of colonial British rule. Later after about 200 years India won their freedom by doing immense revolutions and efforts. India got independence in 1947, 15th August. Till in 21st century we Indian celebrate Independent day as the hallmark of our freedom.

In 21st century the meaning of freedom or independence is quite different. Now independence has several meanings. The definition of independence is a large explanation. Its extension is big.

In general independence means the right to do what a man likes. Independence means to express our views freely. To free from the bondage of   mind is also one type of freedom. Freedom of mind is the best kind of freedom among all types of freedoms.

Economical independence is one type of independence or freedom. In our society every time we notice that poor people or women become the victims of economically strong people. If they get the economical independence they can teach them the lesson tit for tat. Economical independence gives courage to fight against immense injustice. Economical independence is not only bliss to the users but it also affects the other in a good way. Through this independence we can support others.

Independence clarifies a man’s real nature. The independence in our soul removes us from any chain. God is merciful. He gave us many opportunities to attain independence. To achieve independence is the aim of our life. Independence is never similar to the worldly comforts and possessions. Independence is like juice of paradise. A man is half without his or her independence. It is a term or condition in which nation or country must has the power of own ruling and sovereignty. The opposite of independence is dependence. Independence does not mean to do anything without any reason. U. S declaration of Independence is an example of well-known successful example. It is issued in 1776.

Independence or freedom means the platforms to fulfil our dreams and desires also. It means to complete our personal priorities. Listening the sentences of our Omni potent soul is another kind of vital freedom. It means we are free from the influence of others. The true kind of freedom never bothers the aggressiveness of other People. We must know ourselves completely to maintain the gift of independence which we got from our Almighty.

The theme of independence is very interesting. Actually a true spirit is only an independent being. In modern sense independence is a divine feeling. It comes from the heart. Man’s nature is to remain like a cage less bird and stop to fly in the sky. Independence or freedom is bliss to everyone. It is because it removes us from any illusion and the world of darkness.

G.B Shaw in his essay Freedom ironically presented the meaning of freedom. According to him no man is free. We all are the slaves and own nature. So we should be very careful while using this independence we must use it ethically. The independence should always be the cause of human’s happiness. Let’s proceed our feet towards  holy grace of independence.

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