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First Learn.com aims to meet the needs of the students of all grades. The purpose of the website is to introduce the students to the basic essentials of math, science and English.

The website aims to make learning of the basic concepts an enjoyable and enriching experience without causing any undue strain on the child. The basic idea is to encourage and nourish a spirit of inquiry among the children, rather than burden them with mere factual information.

Children have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. This website aims precisely of fulfilling that, through the spirit of keen observation and ability to draw logical conclusions.

Students should find Frist-learn an interesting experience as they progress to understand the relevance of the basic concept in daily life. It is our earnest hope that the student-friendly and interactive approach adopted here would motivate them to learn on their own.

Some of the important points are:

  • Basic concepts explained through relevant daily life experiences, events and situations.
  • Simple activates enable the students understand the basic concepts through learning-by-doing approach to find out more on their own.
  • A collection of well-drawn, colorful diagrams to help the students co-relate the concepts learnt with their daily life.
  • Carefully planned worksheets at the end of each topic. These also include objective type questions, one word questions as well as crossword puzzles.

It is our firm belief that students should not be over burdened with too much information. Rather, they need to be trained to look carefully at the world around them and observe the huge variety of objects and events to be found therein. It is also important to encourage children to talk about the everyday things they observe and experience. Both parents and teachers can play an impotent role in this.

Inspite of all efforts some errors might have crept in. I shall be grateful to teachers and students if the same are brought to my notice. Suggestions for further improvement of this website will be gratefully acknowledged.

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