Individuality is a human trait. It is a very good quality. All human beings are blessed with this divine blessing. Individuality is always the hallmark of a good personality. Talent always find the difference between art and individuality. Individuality means unbiased and free nature. A nature which is never influenced by others. Individuality is the introduction of a person.

World has changed. We are living in post –modern era. Now it is the best time to express our individuality. It separates us from other in sense and nature. Individuality helps a person to focus on the subjects. Sometime we notice that a person has a unique quality but others have not. Many are devoid of this quality. It denotes a separate existence. Individuality is such quality which distinguishes us from others in the terms of inner instinct. It is different from the same kind. A quality especially is shown strongly marked. Individuality means a particular character. It means or interprets the aggregate of qualities. Individuality is not only restricted to the living thing but it also includes non-living things. Every particle of the world has their individuality. 

Even earth, water, air, water sky are not outside of this individuality. Individuality strikes the soul and personal nature. Individuality makes a person a man of quality. This is the source to make someone a person. This trait is very distinctive and undeniable essences of life. We all are incomplete without this inner voice. It always makes a difference between good and evil. It is like a valuable ornament. When you see in your visible eye there is nothing but when we see in your invisible eye you have everything.

Individuality is a divine thing. It separates everyone from average and common. It is like a bold in the water or a sparkling stone in sand which is never changeable. This quality attracts others like a magnate. For this quality a king wants to be a friend to a sage, a beggar or to a vagabond. Men is lovers of virtue. Individuality is a virtue. The persons who love virtue are always in search of virtue. If they see a really remarkable virtue they also salute it whatever in position are they, what is the place they never bother about it. In this way individuality becomes the treasure of mankind. It is in the palace. It is in the sky. It is in the wood. It is in the slums also. Individuality is such a thing which differentiates an I.A.S officer and a person. An I.A.S has the quality of power which a person acquired from outside. But individuality is that resource which he or she has within him or her from the very beginning. The reality is that those were in sleepy manner. Those qualities were in our sub-conscious and un-conscious mind. So we were not aware of it.

But this was in its own place. This way this is our undeceiving capital. Time will never destroy it. Money, wealth, health are rags of time. But this individuality is never. This is our soul. This is our spirit. It marks our personal nature.

Individuality is a good sign for a character. A labor may be very different from I.A.S officer in his individuality. It is never corrupted or biased. It is like water. It has no shape. But men according to their use give it a shape. This new shape may be good or bad to oneself or others. Thus individuality has both the light and dark sides’. Good and bad are mixes in it. A weapon is never a bad thing but its use makes it an evil. The main evil is the human mind. Human beings are responsible for any kind of nuisance or any type of downfall. Individuality is a pure thing. But people give stain to it through their ill works. Our works is the ways to express the individuality. So must very careful while using this atom bomb. Let us take an oath that we should take care of this human trait very well. People should use it in a proper way. As if this individuality will be the cause of origin of many individual persons. Those persons will be the bliss of the society. Thus this society will be more developed and more conscious in nature.

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