Internet Influence on Kids

Networking connectivity or internet is a spreading net to modern man. It has its good and bad effects. It influences every group of people. The children or the kids are worst affected. Electronic systems influence them a lot. Only before 25 years ago children played with playthings, sand and soil. But now kids are habituated from an early age in computer system and internet.

Living in the age of technology it is to be said that internet services are somehow a boon or bane to common people. While the adults are too much addicted with this addiction; then think of the kids. They are very tender. They are very delicate. They easily moved by anything. The thing internet is a strong illusion. So little mind captures it quickly. As they are innocent something living and moving video is very loving to them instead of plastic play items or even outdoor games. In some cases we compel to but parents should be very cautious while their children are playing video games.

Internet is a spider net. It targets the weak mind. When the kids are young their mind is too young. So they easily much connected with internet. Its knowledgeable use is good out take it as an instrument of leisure is always have side effect. Kids have no capacity to control them .So they spends more and more time with internet. The vital part is that this attachment is not good to the children. They became addicted. It is a passion to them. It is very tough to leave this habit.

This influence causes so many problems to them. Starting from health hazard it affects their natural growth, mental growth, social performance etc. Their too much connectivity can cause permanent eyesight problem.

There are so many sites in internet. So using any improper selection would be very violent to them. It will leave a negative impact to their mind. The little kids forget to utilise their time just due to the presence of internet. The games like COC, Clashes of royal, Cs are very interesting game to them. They forget their outdoor games which they did only before 30 years ago.

Our home makers are too much responsible for it .While maintaining the household duties they take it very easy to sit their children before an android set with a video game and finish their works. But unfortunately it becomes an everyday issue to their kids. That issue would never benefit to their kids. So this trend has to be checked. The youngsters should be given proper knowledge to use internet. Otherwise their future will be in distress.

Not only that everybody remember only before six months ago there was an issue of blue whale game. That was a death game to the players. Many died for this game. Various youngsters became sick. They needed proper counsel to recover again. May be there was a racket of this game. Police came in investigation and got many information related to this game. They did a grim study. After it was found that the victims of this hunting was almost the teenagers. The game planers hypnotized the teen minds and captured their whole attention. In this way they fulfill their targets. You have no idea how many mothers lost their child for this game. So people should be more cautious about the matter of kids with internet. It is affected both physically and mentally. Therefore parents, teacher, philosophers should be very helpful to eradicate this disease from the kids’ soul.

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