“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

To be kind is the grace of God. When a child is born he or she is very innocent. So innocent is man’s real trait. Everybody should be kind in their heart. Where cruelty is disease, mercy or kindness is divine. This quality lives beyond the sky. Sympathy is good but empathy is better. Kindness does not mean underestimate. It means to feel someone’s pain as your own. So kindness is great virtue. Men are the greatest animal in the world. So it is our moral duty not only merciful to our fellow beings but also to innocent animals and to the small creatures like insects. All the living creatures are the creation of our Almighty. We never have such power to give life to even a small ant. So it is our moral duty to be kind to them as far as possible.

Now I want to discuss about human kindness. If you have a kind heart please feels the lives of others. Please understand their lives that are in distress. Think about their problems. We not only come to this world only to earn money. As we are social beings we have several duties. So being a social animal it is our first duty to take responsibilities. Every situation is a chance to serve God. To offer flowers and fruits is not only worship but there is some another way. Work is God. So work is the best way to serve God. If you have powers don’t let it use in any bad sense. But always use it in a good way. Remain a kind man in your heart. Remember to be cruel is very easy but to remain kind is very tough. If you start one time to be kind then automatically you will be easy with kindness and cruelty will be very tough to you. If you want to be happy then do well to the people. As this is one of the best ways to be happy. To keep other in good position will make you happy eternally. If anyone does a mistake then never show too much serious to them. One thing is remembered by us to err is human but to forgive is eternal. So be merciful and kindly judge that situation.

Our body is not only a bag of flesh and blood but it has some human values also. Kindness is one of them. Kindness is spiritual. It is a very great virtue. It is pure and holy. At the same time it is too much ethical. If you practise kindness from a very early age then your quality will be angelic. It will give you peace and spirituality. Our great saints and philosophers gave us the lesson of kindness throughout their lives. Through kindness and love we can change a devil into a good person. So kindness is never a weakness. But it is a power. It is a form of internal power. It touches our soul. Human life is full of pain, misery and suffering. A soothing treatment can give someone some rest or relief. It can offer happiness to anybody. It is never s small thing. This gain is a great achievement.

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