Knowledge is Power

The journey from darkness to light, from ignorance to enlightenment's is long, wide and deep and only one thing make the leap possible and that is knowledge. True Knowledge is the greatest gift one can impart to mankind. Knowledge wield immense power much more than does brute savage physical strength or prowess in handling weapons of war. Think of Chanakya, the royal advisor to the valiant Chandragupta Maurya; think of Lord Krishna, the unarmed charioteer in the battle of Mahabharata, these people were many times more powerful than the armed crusaders they found themselves surrounded by, on account of their knowledge and erudition. Francis Bacon, then was bang, on point when he equated Knowledge with Power in his maxim ‘Knowledge is Power’

A person of knowledge can outwit any other person of incredible strength by dint of his learning. He is the acceded the supreme place of pride and importance in the annals of history. Great scholars and preachers like Swami Vivekanand, Aristotleare revered and respected till date not only in their place of birth but beyond the realms of geographical boundaries because of the pearls of wisdom they shared with lesser beings.

Today, if we cast a look around we find that people of learning be it a hum bae school – teacher, a knowledgeable professor or a genius mathematician or an erudite research scholar are much revered and respected in any society, not because of their riches and position but because if the value and richness they add to the society by their presence and their work.

One has to remember that true knowledge does not make a person egoist and pretentious. On the other hand, it makes a person modest, humble and willing to learn more. Through their wisdom and perseverance, they amass huge popularity and considerable wealth and good reputation, be it any field they might be operating from.

One must also never conflate information with knowledge. Today, as in this moment in history, human beings find themselves having access to a deluge of information via net and having this does not lead to a man becoming knowledgeable. Knowledge is assimilating, processing and assessing this knowledge and applying it in relevant situations. For that, one needs to devote hours of study, tons of humility and a liberal dose of generosity of spirit.

A person having knowledge is in a much more stable position to command the reins of his life on his own terms. He is in a better position to address the challenges of life and in a more commanding situation over any other being by virtue of this knowledge and the edge it provides to him. Be it any field he is working in whether be it farming, whether be it gardening, whether be it studies, whether be it professional work, whether be it acting, writing, research or nay other field. If he had better grasp over the knowledge required for delivering that job, he will fundamentally do a far better job than another person who is complacent and laid back.

Knowledge is a per-requisite to gain name, fame, success, power, position and money but most importantly to be a better informed and a more modest human being. True knowledge dissipates all arrogance and makes one humble. So, never ever let go of any opportunity to learn and further your knowledge since it is priceless.

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