Laughter in the Best Medicine

A sense of humour is the best antidote to a depressing or a boring or frustrating or a mundane day. Imagine yourself standing in the queue in any public sector enterprise. The long, exhausting wait becomes infinitely lighter as soon as someone cracks a joke. Imagine meeting a prospective suitor in a formal set-up which is bound to have butterflies running amok in your stomach. The ice is cracked as soon as the other person peppers up the conversation with a dose of humour. The ability to laugh not at others but at the situation or still better at oneself is rare, is precious and is incomparable.

Laughter is the panacea to all ills. It is such a feel good factor to be able to laugh and laugh without any rhyme or reason. Even medical science has corroborated to its special quality to inculcate good health. It brings about positive health and emotional manifestations.

Laughter is known to have strengthening effect on the immune system, diminishing effects on pain and protection from stress.

Cast a look around at a group of giggling, laughing children. It is such a pleasant sight for sore eyes, but to find a similar group of adult is rare. One must seek out more and more opportunities for humour and laughter to improve one’s emotional health, strengthen one’s relationships and bring more happiness in one’s heart and to add longevity to life.

It is the most potent antidote to pain, stress and conflict. Nothing works better to restore your body and mind than a good, hearty laugh. The heaviest of burden seems light, it draws in hope where there is none, connects you to others and keeps you optimistic and hopeful. It also helps to release anger and practice forgiveness.

Laughter helps in relaxation: It relieves physical tension and stress, which relaxes the muscles a good 45 minutes post a hearty laughter session.

Laughter boosts the Immunity System: It decreases the release of stress hormones and increases the emission of antibodies in the human system thus improving our chances of combating infectious diseases.

Laughter triggers release of endorphins: Endorphins relieve feeling of pain and promote sense of good being. They are naturally released under the influence of laughter.

Laughter protects the Heart: It promotes blood flow and can help one against heartattackk and other cardio vascular problems.

Laughter burns Calories: a stretch of continuous laughter for 10 to 15 minutes can burn up to 40 calories which is good enough for the couch potatoes who otherwise shirk from any other form of exercise.

Laughter diffuses Anger: Laughter enables you to put things in perspective and dissipates anger. It allows you to move on without felling resentful and embittered.

Laughter promotes longevity: Medical Science has proved that people who share a god laugh outlive others. This holds true for even those people who are battling with terminal illness.

With so much power to heal, rejuvenate and renew the ability to laugh freely and frequently is a gift which each must tap within oneself and utilize it to the fullest. After all, this elixir is not only priceless but absolutely free.

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