A lawyer is a person who deals with law. Lawyer is the saver of law. He or she loves to walk in the way of judgement or justice. Justice needs an honest and loyal lawyer, as this person will give his or her hundred people to win truth. An honest lawyer always tries to make an ethical justice.

Lawyers support others that mean public in terms of law. They give power to others to fight the battle against the opposition party. Though the lawyers’ duty is to play role for justice, but now many play the role of injustices only for money. They try to trap truth due to money. Law has colours black and white. So everything may happen in the court. Court is the place where lawyers have the power to convert anything into bad or good. The quotation “fair is foul and foul is fair’ ’is very justified in terms of law.

We often hear that lawyers are very cleaver in nature. They know the play of words very well. They have a good convince to convince others. Court is the homes of lawyer. Lawyers have to make argue to establish their statement in the court. There are many types of professions in this section. Counsellor, advocate, session judge, judge are some of them. Judge is the supreme person of the court. His decision has to be obeyed   by everyone. Lawyers can practice through two ways. Lawyers can earn either through practice as a government employee or by private practice. Lawyers are like doctors and teachers are the friends of our society. They help us to sustain the environment of our society.

A lawyer is always responsible for his practices. So a person who is a lawyer must follow the cases promptly. It is a profession. It needs practice like doctors. The lawyers have a good opportunity to serve the society through solving the problems of their clients. They also can do some social works through their professional works. There are some lawyers in our society who support their clients at free of cost to get remove them from a major problem. Not only that they also support them economically. In this way they work actively for society. Bar Council is the central association of the lawyers. To practice law one must need a registration number from Bar Council. This number is always authorised. A registered lawyer can only have the right to practice law for both government and private sector. In this case there is an example which can astonish others. The former U.S president Abraham Lincoln practiced law without any formal degree or registration.

Lawyers can be of many types .There are -civil lawyers, criminal lawyers, administrative lawyers, personal injury lawyers, estate planning lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, intellectual property lawyers ,employment lawyers, corporate sector lawyers, immigration  lawyers  medical malpractice lawyers, tax lawyers, family lawyers, worker compensation lawyers, contract lawyers  and so on. These are the lawyers of common sections. There are other division of lawyers also.

Lawyers are also called attorney. Their chief work is to follow the case. To focus on the case is their only worship. The lawyers are the followers of the law. In this process they get a chance to know the rules and regulations of our country. Lawyers can work in various fields. But one lawyer is only for one field. As for example a lawyer may work either in criminal law or in divorce law. Legal works are very much understood by the lawyers.  

A lawyer is also called an advisor. The library of the lawyers is called bar library .In this place there are many books of bar law. A person at least has an L.L.B to practice law. Lawyers’ duty is to view the case very minutely. Lawyers should be loyal to law. In this way they really become good friend of our society.

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