Lie means a cheating to our self. A person who loves his or own self never cheats   to anyone as well as his or her self. If telling truth is a virtue then telling lie is a great disqualify. People lie for many reasons. But it should not be practised. Truth is the best thing of the world .Truth triumphs over everything. In other side lie is a spell which finishes the liar at last. Truth’s taste is bitter but it is full of virtue which is very tasty. In another side lie is tasty but it has no healthy quality.

There are some persons who are pathological liar. Those persons have the tendency to lie without any reason. They are born liar. Now the world is full of corruption, misbelieve, dishonour and dishonest ideas. There is a few places in which you find the essence of truth.

Lie is not a thing of long-lasting term. In contrast truth is a long lasting and evergreen.

The wayfarers of truth can never be cheated for a long time. After some period their third eye will surely open. This will be no good to the liars.

Liars have no courage but truth has courage. A liar fears to eye contact while saying the lie. But a truth speaking person says everything with straight eye contact. Lie is a false friend. It loves betrayal. A liar is never a respectful person.

Almighty creates both lie and truth. But truth is more powerful thing. Truth conquers everything.

Although in this worldly atmosphere lie has a great power. It can transfer day into night. Now most of the world is the slave to lie. The reality is that lie becomes the king in this narrow world. Truth and purity are the ornaments of a foolish person.

Lie comes from brain. One leads to another lie. In such way lie scatter the net of their false ego. Lies have different ways to express .But in reality lie is a lie in speech and manner. An experienced person easily notices the difference between truth and lie.

Lie is always a false statement. It never comes from our heart. Its close intention is to deceive others. A truth takes out a real impression whether a lie always carries a false impression. A lie is an inaccurate statement.

Many have myth that lie is a way to escape from danger or to keep alive our relationships. But this is never a right thing.

A lie can never be the solution of any problem. It can give you relief for a moment. But this relief is impermanent. This relief is baseless. People lie for many reasons. Some says circumstances; some says reality is responsible for telling lie. When a man was a kid he lied. But it’s not that we will carry it forever. A child has no sense. But as a grown up man we are meaningless with a lie. We face many liars many times after getting cheated we feel sorrow or pain for ourselves. Remember that this cheating is not also permanent in this ever changing world. One lie or one cheating is not our whole life. We have so many truths and chances in our lives. This lie or cheating is very little in front of them.

In conclusion I want to add that have faith in mind and heart. Nothing lasts forever. God is within us and with us. No lie is greater than him. At last surely lie will bend its head. Then light will come to our world and heart to erase all the darkness of our lives.

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