Living and Non-Living

We see many living and non-living things around us. They are either living or non living. Examples of living things are plant, dog and the child. Examples of non-living things are table, book and almirah. There are many features that separate living things from non-living things.

What is the difference between the living things and non-living things?

                Living things

1. Living things breathe.

2. Living things move on their own.

3. Living things need food.

4. Living things feel.

5. Living things reproduce.

6. Living things grow.

                Non-living things

1. Non-living things do not breathe.

2. Non-living things do not move on their own.

3. Non-living things do not need food.

4. Non-living things do not feel.

5. Non-living things do not reproduce.

6. Non-living things do not grow.


Animals move from one place to another but plants do not move.

Animals lay eggs or give birth to young ones. Plants grow from seeds. Seeds contain baby plants inside them.

Natural and man-made things:

Some non-living things like stone, water and wood are found in nature. These are not made by man. These are called natural things.

Non-living things like cars, books, houses, table and clothes are not found in nature. These are made by man. These are called man-made things.

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