Living on Campus and Living off Campus

Our college campus is like our home in many ways. The place where we are   alike our resident place. Campus is good in many ways. It is no less than a hermitage. This is the place from where we get the opportunity to come ahead in our life. From here we get light for our dark and dumb life. This place is a place of respect and worship. Living on campus teaches us to be sober and disciplined.

Discipline is the hallmark of every success. Living on campus and living off campus are two different traits which are opposed to each other. Living on campus marks our behaviors too. In other hand living off campus will be beneficial for self-improvement. The students of living on campus are careful to their behavior and also obey the rules of the organization properly. Living on campus helps the students to understand all the regulations of the institution. This will support them to be a more responsible person in their life.

The students   of living on campus will learn to the manner like politeness. Their manners will be very gentle. The students of living off students get too much freedom which is harmful to their life. Living on campus and living of f campus has a purpose which is same. But the effect is very different. These two modes of accommodation will help us to find out many purposes. The students who live in a campus would become a part of the college or the institution. They make a bonding with the organization. They are welcomed to the hostel with a fresher’s welcome. They are given farewell after a certain period. This whole   incident would become a sweet memory to the students. They feel pity when they will leave the institution. They feel the separation deeply. Campus is such platform which is positive to the students in every way. The students living on campus are like family members. So it is natural when they get separated from this place they feel very lonely. All the memories will be with them forever. In other side the students of the living off campus have no such opportunities to indulge in. As the proverb is very true ‘as you sow so shall you reap’’.

When the students get the opportunity to live on the campus they may have many chances to learn more things from the environment. But when the students practice living off they lose so many things.

Whether the students are in school or college but campus is very important to them. Their living on and living off has a great impact on their lives. Living off campus is very easy. But living on campus is not so easy. These two recommend before us an intellectual debate.

The students, living on campus must have to pay the rent and food charge. There are some similarities between these two types of accommodations. Living off campus is a self-cater section. That means here the students have to manage their own food. The first is giving accommodation only to the students but the second is for all.

There is a difference between two. They are different in appearances. In the first type there is no connection with family. In the second type there is a chance to join with family.

The main differences between two are –tenants of accommodation, catering of accommodation, appearance of accommodation and the presence of family in accommodation. The both have their positive and negative effects .But as a student living on is more important than living off campus.

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