Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Money can’t buy Happiness. Well, there is simply no denying that we all need to love but there are some people who think that money can solve all their problems and get rid of all their misery. Sure, it could take care of a lot of financial obligations of yours but beyond that, there is not much it can do beyond that. We can mention innumerable factors where money can have no role to play in your happiness quotient.

Instant High: The text message that your salary or a long due payment got processed in your bank gives you an instant high caused due to gratification. But it shall soon subside and you need other factors to sustain that stay happy mode. Money, alone would not suffice.

Money makes no difference to relationships which matters: In case of relationships which should matter to you, money does not have a significant role to play. The quality of your emotions and time invested though has a lot to do with it. When in doubt, test it. The people who walk away from you with depleted funds are not worth retaining in the long term, anyways.

Crux of all Evil: Since time immemorial, money has been the factor for causing factions worldwide. Money brings along it, its associate power and together they wreak havoc in most cases. Power brings along with it ego, corruption, greed and leads to further depths of despair.

Money cannot restore Mental Health: People who suffer from mental anxiety, stress, depression, tend to think that the world would be a better place if they had more money but the truth is they require support and treatment rather than access to more money.

Friendships: Money has disastrous consequences on friendships. Too many close allies break up with the advent of money into the dynamics of their relationship. Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

But that said, if your friend is truly in a health or financial mess, one must always bail him out provided you have the resources for it.

Happiness and Consumerism: Money, it is true can buy you things which might make you happy in the short run but it is never going to last and you shall always hanker for more and more. The gratification brought by purchasing commodities is only short-lived in its tenure and extremely transient in nature.

Peace: Money can never guarantee peace. Some of the most affluent people in the world have forsaken the lure of money in their quest for peace. Peace is internal, you have to search for it within yourself and then work hard to retain it by not falling in the trap of further temptations.

This is by no means to say that money is not important. It puts the food on our table, the clothes on our back and the roof on our heads and provides for our families. But to put our entire lives on hold and sacrifice everything else at the altar of pursuing more and more money is a futile exercise which is never going to yield any result. One needs to be grateful for what one has earned and remain contented and pursue a better quality of life to reach some semblance of happiness.

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