“If the music be the food of love, play on”, so quoted the lovelorn Duke or Sino in the Twelfth Night, thus enabling the Bard to set the mood of the play, where love and romance ruled the roost. 

Music is the most exalted of art, which lends expression to all myriad emotions, which might otherwise not find vent through any other form of human expression. The deepest of love, the abyss of solitude, the exuberance of happiness, the apprehension of fear, the pathos of sadness, name it and you have music for the occasion. Cultures, across the globe, widely divergent have sung paeans to the sublimit of this art and whether be in the form of Classical Western music, Indian music, folk music, rock music, pop, jazz, contemporary, film music, blues, fusion , R&B, Hip Hop, it touches the chords of heart, feeds the soul, liberates the mind and enervates the body.

Primary Need: The nurturing, commiserating, comforting, exhilarating and fortifying power of music has the potency to bind us and make us feel whole. Some of our earliest comforting memories is related to music, the lullabies of our mothers, the tempo of nursery rhymes, the prayers and anthems sung in schools, the romantic ballads paying in the backdrop during the romantic phase or the soulful music listened on a loop during solitude, music uplifts us and enervates us like nothing else.

Cognitive Benefit: Not only have music emotional benefits but it also has bearing on our cognitive skills as it exercises the aural discrimination. Plato held the opinion that music ‘is a more potent instrument than any other for education’. It is the only lesson capable of utilizing both the right and left lobes of the brain and provides human with an artistic outlet to manifest their emotional aspect.

Language of its own: Music is a unifying force, capable of cohesion on a global scale, dissolving boundaries and overriding differences of religion, caste, creed, language or race. It puts antagonism, aggression and annoyance to rest and has the power to ennoble us.

Medical Implications: Doctor, therapists advocate the use of music for its therapeutic effect on patients as severe as coma-ridden to give them a shot of life, where no other resources exists. Children with Bell’s palsy, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome have been known to have reaped the benefit of music in the course of their therapy.

It re-ignites emotions which were long buried inside and has the capability to transcend mortal chasms and reach divinity

Mental Well-Being: The scientific fact that music can set the mood and help us relax, is known, for sure. But did you also know that certain music can also boost productivity – classical music, sounds of nature etc. Even an infant responds to white music, the kind of repetitive, soothing beat that has a soporific effect.

The seven notes of music set in such a way that is soothing and desirable for the ears and emanates sublime pleasure. Down the years it has undergone a lot of change and music of today is more of an acquired taste than something which organically provides pleasure but then music is timeless , boundless and subject to varied interpretation in sync with the passage of time.

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