My Crazy Wedding Day

Oh! Even the thought of that day today leaves me panic-stricken. It was sucha crazy, hectic day, almost doomed not to happen..

Well, that would be starting from the middle. I have to set things right by starting at the very beginning. Our marriage almost never took place. We were from different castes, different circles and hadn’t fate transpired, would never have met. But, we did and how!

It was a day in which Patna was drowning under a fresh slate of rain threatening to drown everything. I was unfortunate enough to be caught in the downpour in my gear-less scooter which had almost given up as the water level dripped inside the engine and I was staggering in the waterlogged street, trying to park in a corner and get to ta higher terrain when my this gentleman, happens to pass by, on his car and watching a damsel in distress offers help. 

I was too drenched and a mess to take umbrage at this kind gesture, accompanied as he was by his sister and hop I did inside the shelter of the car, for my survival. The two good souls, bless them, dropped me home, safe and sound. I was too full of gratitude not to share numbers and the to and fro messaging took care of the rest.

We soon found ourselves, deeply in love and though his siblings and friends were al in fall in favour, his parents out rightlyrefused to have anything to do with an inter-caste marriage and I thought, ‘so, here it, the tragic end!” But No, once again he setthings right. He decided to get married tome, all on his own and his parents can come on board later.

So, the date was set and it was a small private affair in which my family and his friends and siblings were to participate. However, heaven had its own plans and come afternoon, the sky opened up and poured bucketfuls, drenching everything and leading to a huge waterlogging on the streets. My elder brother who was supposed to play a prominent role had absented himself since morning in search of alast minute gift for the groom. Frantic phone calls and much heartache later, he returned and we set off for the temple, only to be stalled in the rain, mid-way. Imagine my plight, on getting down in this rain, in the middle of a bustling street, in all my wedding finery and wading through knee – deep water to hail a cab further ahead to take us to our destination.

The horror however didn’t cease here. The friends were there but the groom was missing in a last minute bid to persuade his parents. The Priest gave up on us by 10 p.m. at night, calling it a day and how we implored and pleaded with him to not let us down, in the name of God.

Minutes before the clock struck midnight , the groom came honking in his Maruti 800 with a sheepish grin on his face and would surely have been strangled to death had he not opened the rear door of the car and the sight of the two people walking out that door made me forget all the day’s series of mishaps . He had managed to get me my best wedding gift, his parents along to our wedding and what a memorable marriage it was then culminated at the stroke of midnight.

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