My Mother’s Hands

My Mother, as I remember vividly was a petit, very beautiful, very fair skinned, remarkably soft spoken spiritual minded lady with abundance love always pouring out from her for all; irrespective of feature, caste, status or religion.

But most of all precious to me was her soft two hands which always resulted a good luck for me when she blessed me with them. Whenever I went low in mood, or for any auspicious work or exams; I made it a point to ensure that I receive her most cherished blessing with them. 

Her hands with which she cared and nourished me like she did to Her idol Gods and Goddesses in Her ‘puja’ (Prayer) room. Her hands with which she carefully and diligently prepared my food and fed me with love and affection cannot be forgotten ever in this life. Oh! My mother’s Hands!

The pious hands with which she dressed me to look smart and handsome and proudly present me to others as her son. The Mother’s pride always was depicted in her face with a joyful smile. That was My Mother’s hands. The hands God delicately created for her mingling it with Mother’s selfless love!

I don’t know whenever my Mother used to pick the book in her hand and read out for me, it got memorized. I still remember how she used to place her finger in each word and explain the meaning for the same. I never forgot ever after!

My mother had exceptionally noticeable patience. If I failed to understand anything for some time, she used to become more motivating and energetic and try to explain me more simply. She never got angry. But were very much confident that ultimately I will grasp the subject sooner or later. I used to lose patience, at times and cry in frustration and anger. Her beautiful soft hands used to wipe out my tears and soothen me to pacify and be more hopeful.  That was my Mother’s hands! 

She taught me that one should always remain optimistic in attitude. Whatever be the outcome of our action one should never lose hope in life. Life is the most precious gift of God and we have not received anything in this Beautiful Universe free! All are the outcome of our deeds of the past life. God has given us the ‘Vansh’ (family), facial beauty, intelligence, vocabulary power according to our deeds of the past life. Each one of us has acquired it as per our evaluated marks obtained as per our deeds in the past life. My Mother used to explain and impart these spiritual messages  softly, slowly making a spiritual atmosphere in our temple room by brushing Her magical soft hands on my shoulder and patt it affirmatively when I answered Her queries for the same appropriately. That is the charm of My Mother’s magical hands!!!

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