My Sister

My sister followed me to the planet one and a half years after me. I guess God and my parents conspired to have her follow me so soon to keep me grounded and out of mischief. She wasn’t someone whom I took to instantly, with much warmth and gusto. In fact in the beginning few years from what I recalled and what my parents recounted, the experience was quite horrific. 

I am told, though I am sure they love to exaggerate things, I did my best to cut short her tenure, on earth. I wrapped her in bed spread and rolled her on the ground from the bed. I swear, I was playing else would I have rolled her in that cushiony outer layer? Then, the next thing I am told is that I once filled sand in her ears but I swear, I had seen the mason fill up holes in that manner and I was just emulating them. 

My parents however, enlisted another household help to keep an eye on me and give her a decent chance to survive. Well, well, I was too young then but as we grew up, I soon became quite indulgent about her. She was my most precious playmate and I was quite protective about her. 

I remember lugging her along in a pram all around the house when she had a broken leg at one and a half years of age. No, no, wait I did not have anything to do with that incident. I wasn’t even around when it happened, else I would surely have been blamed.

Well, cut to a few more years ahead. I had grown immensely protective about my little sister around this time and when a neighbourhood boy took away the ball she was playing with and proceeded to make monkey faces at her, I flung a stone and hurt him really bad. My mother had to go their home to apologise on my behalf and took me along too nut I stuck to my guns. Noone messes with my little sister.

Though I had my share of fisticuffs and wrangling with her, there was nothing in the world that she would ask from m e and I would not get. We lost our father quite young when I was seven and she was five and with mom being the sole bread-winner, had to stay out for longer hours. We were the best company for each other, always looking out for each other. I sucked at academics and she was the brilliant one, always acing her exams, like a pro. I had no envy or malice and bragged incessantly about her 24 x 7.

Cut to few more years ahead, though younger, she was the first on to get a job and share the financial obligations of the family while I was the no-gooder, whiling away my time. Her getting a job and handing me the first month salary to spend it the way I wanted to, was a big jolt. I grew up overnight, got hold of petty jobs and painstakingly trudged my way ahead to carve a successful career, despite my academic failings. Throughout this tenure, she stood beside me, like a rock and the successive years have only strengthened the bond and made us inseparable.

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