Nouns followed by Prepositions

Prepositions are easy to locate in English Grammar because they usually follow the Noun / Pronoun they modify. They help to indicate relations. When used with a Noun, they can tell you exactly where an object is or the means by which something is accomplished.

They are used in combination with Nouns to connect, emphasize or provide context to ideas expressed in a sentence. In such cases, the preposition always comes directly after the Nouns.

There are some common Noun- Preposition combinations that frequently occur.

1.  Nouns: age, attempt, point

Preposition – at


·         21 is the legal age at which men are allowed to get married.

·         This is my third attempt at qualifying for the NET Exam.

·         What is the point at which you are driving ?


2.  Nouns: need, reason, responsibility

Preposition – for


·         There is no need for panic at this stage.

·         There is ample reason for thinking in this manner.

·         No one seems to have any sense of responsibility for the nation.


3.  Nouns: changes, differences, increase

Preposition – in


·         Changes in the Indian cricket team were brought after much deliberation.

·         The differences in the team were apparent to the most innocent bystander.

·         The increase in petrol process is reflective of the state of the nation at present.


4.  Nouns: inquiry, investigation , research

Preposition – into


·         The CBI inquiry into the scam continues till this date.

·         The investigation into the complexity of the murder took them across far flung States of India.

·         The in-depth research into the effects of drug abuse finally bore dividends.


5.  Nouns: cause, example, way

Preposition – of


·         What is the cause of female infanticide in Haryana State?

·         This is a sure-shot example of medical negligence.

·         We need to find an alternative way of dealing with the mafia.


6.  Nouns: approach, reaction, response

Preposition – to


·         Do you feel this is the correct approach to tackle this menacing problem?

·         What has been his reaction to the fiasco after all these years?

·         Her response to the misdemeanour of her subordinates was callous to say the least.

Some more examples of prepositions which must be used in pair with the following Nouns:


7.  Noun: Address

Preposition: of


·         Find out the address of your nearest Authorised Service Centre from Google search option.


8.       Noun: advertisement

Preposition – for


·         Please post an advertisement for the post of PGT (English) teacher in our school.


9.       Noun: awareness

Preposition – of


·         There is an increasing awareness of the ill-effects of air pollution on the state of our health.


10.   Noun: Congratulations

Preposition – on


·         Congratulation on your brilliant performance tonight!


11.   Noun: course

Preposition – in


·         I would be interested in a course in Computer Programming and Graphic Designing from your institute.


12.   Noun: awareness

Preposition – of


·         There is an increasing awareness of the ill-effects of air pollution on the state of our health.


13.   Nouns: increase, decrease, growth

Preposition – in


·         There has been a steady increase / decarese / growth in the price of onions over the last few months.

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