“I can’t change the direct of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

                                                                          (A proverb)

Optimism is a good trait to human beings.  Optimistic people never face depression or frustration. To them adversity is a chance. It enhances their internal power. As sunbeam is needed to bloom the sunflower so adverse situations come to our life to fulfil our hidden possibility. Yes, we all have a possibility towards life. Troubles are hidden friends who come to our life to make us meaningful. So never be pessimistic. Always try to be an optimist. An optimist outlook is very helpful to reach to our ambitions or destinations. Try to make optimistic goals. An optimistic attitude can never fail even after a great failure. It always encourages   the very person to think that surely it may be the path to achieve something more greater thing. Hence what you learn never leave an optimistic outlook in your life.

Optimism has an eternal value. When you have nothing only this optimism in the form of hope and patience contemplate or defend with our sorrows and sufferings. This is universally true. This is that type of value which is helpful to a great change in your life. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain shouted with sense of positivity at the time of 2nd World War with the words, “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. Shakespeare in his plays boldly said, ‘sweetest are the uses of adversity’.

Optimistic person never defeat in their battle of life. They see even defeat is like an opportunity. Only for this reason nothing could touch the omnipotent soul and it remain calm in every aspect to do the best thing. An optimist is like a man with the torch in a deep darkness. The person having this value or notion towards life is always a positive thinker. He or she not only save him or her from adverse situation but also becomes a spirit of inspiration to others. The motto of an optimist is always to be positive. 

He always takes challenges as well as overcome big difficulties. In his way he or she not only achieves a mere success but a heroic type of success. He has the habit to see opportunity in difficulty. He takes adversity as a challenge.

Maria Robinson’s words are truly in this context. She said “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and have a new ending.” So awake! Arise! It’s not too late to work. You have possibilities. You will find way. You will achieve success. They are there. You just have an eye to look them.

It is always right to think that our faults are the instructor to do the thing better. These are very healthy to us. Sometime failures are the ways to an upheaval. One failure is a great lesson to life. So never make it an issue to give up your long awaited dreams.

It is true that optimism is a guideline to work. Yet one must follow the actions to fulfil the hopes. Humility is not wastage. It is also a valuable quality to human life. Only positive thinking is not okay for humans. People should try their best to make their dreams in reality.

Optimism works like a stimulator. Here the man is the person who has to do a lot to achieve the goal of life. Determination, clarity, commitment and surely optimism are the keys of a successful person. Self confident is very necessary for an optimist. If we see our troubles and miseries with an eye of an optimist we can easily realize that these are our chances to our better life. They are here to make us physically fit and mentally strong. Swami Vivekananda has rightly said that our world is a natural gym. So we never miss any chances to ready ourselves as powerful human beings.

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