Perfect Couple

“A great relationship is about two things. First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences”.

Understanding is the pillar of good relationship. In matter of choosing a perfect couple we must give emphasis on a good relationship. Natural similarities are the good sign of making a perfect couple. To make a perfect couple we need a lot of time. Hard work is very essential in any relationship. It does not matter how much money, worldly possessions and material pleasure you would have gain through your relationship. But it really matters how happy you are in your relationship. A perfect couple in a word made for each other. They should try to find the problems of each other. They should be loyal to each other. They must live in respect. Yeah, I am not saying that they never quarrel but their quarrel will not be violent. Their misunderstanding will be an opportunity to build a great understanding. There always remain calm and happiness. Both will be ready to sacrifice their goodness for the benefit of their spouse.

 The way to get a perfect couple is not so easy to anyone. Surely this is not the work of a matchmaker. Only God knows who will be the best suit to you. If God choices your suitor no matter you will be given the best. This is the very thing which can happen in a natural way. When two people agree to a bounding without any force then this relation is unconditional. This unconditional relationship is always very fruitful. The pure idea always touches the heart. So don’t bother what people think about you. Just patiently wait for the time. Try to wait for your soul mate. As you know the proverb ‘someone, somewhere is waiting for you’.

Accept the chances of possibilities. Life is not a farce. It has several opportunities. As the word marriage is very meaningful its letters are also significant.


M = Mercy

A = Accreditation

R = Respect

R = Ritual

I = Intimacy

A = Acceptance

G = Gaiety

E = Eternal

It is said by our elders that marriage is set in heaven. So we don’t need to worry about it to find our soul mate. It is a natural process. We should wait for the time. Then it will come to us.

A perfect couple is one who loves to enjoy each other’s happiness. At that same time they are also ready to share partner’s sorrows and sufferings. Life means a give and take relationship. Whenever you expect any good from others first you try to do that. This is the way of life.

They never worry about other’s dissimilarities. Instead they try to find happiness in other’s differences. They are like two bodies and one soul. They like to work together to build a happy environment. Great relationship needs care and effort to make it awesome. Time is a great factor in a relationship. The perfect couple should give time to each other to understand each other. Hard work and commitment are very good friends to the perfect couple. These two things make them healthy and wealthy. Endurance is surely a worth giving material to relationship. To be the perfect match he or she should try the best to be the best. That means earn trust and maintain it. Try to get the faith of your partner. Patience and forgiveness are very healthy to be a perfect couple. Work in your relationship with pure heart then you must be able to be a perfect couple. God’s grace will be always with you.

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