Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than Cure is certainly the right approach when it comes to our health. Healthy living is a way of life and one need to incorporate it as a family from an early age, to stay fighting fit. Not all diseases are preventable and there are some which might strike inspite of the best pre-emptive measures.

It is very common for us to visit a doctor when struck by an ailment or illness. However, not many of us realize that regular health check-ups are an integral part of identifying the triggers of serious ailments and taking proactive action early on to be able to handle them better.

Similarly, it is with problems or issues in life. If we handle it an initial stage and take adequate measure, it has more chance of not flaring up into something bigger at a later point. Whether it be marital distress or children’s psychological related issues or professional matters, one needs to be proactive at all times and take preventive measure to not allow them to develop into problems later on.

It becomes even more critical when it comes to health. There is no better alternative to keeping good health than moderate exercise, adequate sleep and clean eating. By moderate exercise means indulging in some form of physical activity or the other for at least 5 days a week, adequate sleep means 7 to 10 hours of sleep depending on the age-bracket and clean eating means eating enough of green vegetables, fibre, fresh fruits along with fats, carbohydrates and protein in a balanced form. This helps us to maintain a balanced lifestyle and keep us away from various lifestyle related diseases.

Maintaining a disciplined and organised lifestyle is very important otherwise we might fall into the trap of severe illnesses and diseases which cannot be completely cured by the aid of even the best of medicines and therapy.

That is the reason why doctors are so vigilant now a days about administering vaccinations to children up till 5 years so that they do not have to face the consequence of life – threatening diseases, the cure for which even modern science may not be able to provide. Even seasonal vaccinations shots like flu / swine flu / are now available as preventive methods.

In all other aspects of life too, we need to be preventive in approach. Maintaining a clean home, for example. If we do not practise it on a daily basis, the home shall become a breeding ground for diseases and the work shall pile up to the extent that it will become unmanageable. Similarly, for students it is important to devote a given hours of study time every day to reap its maximum benefits else the exam time shall cause undue stress and the results also shall not be optimal. For people, who have monthly targets, it is important to break it down into smaller, manageable units and complete the assigned task every day so that last minute rush can be avoided.

Life and health in particular stands to benefit the maximum when one follows the approach of prevention is better than cure.

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