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Rent or Mortgage It is a scene in the third world countries that people like farmers, fieldworkers and the people of lower middle classes are always in need of money mortgage their lands to a well –known Zamindar. But the rich zamindar is very coveted one. He tries to get that land with any unfair thing and even through making a person penniless. The zamindars always try to find an issue to capture other’s property. Sometime they buy it in a very low cost. They also say to convert the papers in their names as a second option. The helpless farmers have to do such works with eyes full of tears.

Most of the people of our country are living in a rented house. But this system to take the rent gives them a lot pressure. If these persons have their own house s they no need to give a lot of money to the landlord in the beginning of every month. They can save much if they have their own house.

Rented house is never peaceful like own house. At the same time it is not ok to see a family living as a refugee for years. It is true that we take rent some time but we should try to build own house as early as possible. We must need a right option to lead our life. When a man lives in a rented house he or she has to hear many words from their land lord. But in own house there is no such fear.

We often rent a car as it is not possible to everyone to buy their own car. A rented one helps us. In this case it is ok. This need is very little as well as urgent. We are paying money for this purpose. In small cases this rent is welcome but while talking about the big issues I think to buy is the best option. It does not matter how long you have to save. But just work hard to earn more and then fulfil your dream.

Mortgage has no benefit. The person who takes it is a very unscrupulous man. He or she is very famous in such works. These kinds of people are ready to take the advantages of the party’s disadvantages. So to give mortgage is never a heroic deed. Sometime people may mortgage their papers of property to the loan giver for business purpose or for family issues. The fact is that they have to take high risk for it.

In mortgage chances to lose are double if you not repay it at time or given period. The deadline                is very important in these cases. When you mortgage you not only mortgage a thing but also mortgage your soul. So you have to take it back from others at any cost to live alive again. So beware of these dangerous diseases .These both two are very poor side of our life. If you are free from debt you can live like a king. You can be happier from the first situation. So find the best way of life free from rent or mortgage.

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