“Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonastrated.Betrayal of anyone of those is to lose all those.”

Respect is pure human virtue. It is also very positive trait to human beings. Respect means a divine place. This has to be gained. Ofcourse it has to be gained in a proper way. Our work will help us to reach the epitome of respect. 

We just try to reach in this place from us. Yes, what I want to say about is self-respect. As   self – respect is very necessary for a fulfilled man. Self-respect is    also a tool to a successful life. Without self-respect nobody could understand his or her originality in nature. Self- respect teaches us dignity. So the synonym of self-respect is self-dignity. It is very healthy. It is hygienic. It has a good quality.

Respect towards others is very good. But that should be spontaneous. The respect which comes from our heart is only true. In other sense whichever comes from our heart is always true. So we must try to give respect from heart. At the same time it should be noticed that giving respect does not mean to decrease our self. We never lower down us. Neither be a slave nor be a servant to others. We never underestimate ourselves. We should judge the people before giving the respect. It is because everyone is not eligible to take respect. We must give our respect to the respectful persons. To those persons who really deserve it. To show respect to everyone (without judging) is not a good thing. It comes from ignorance. Some people have the habit to give respect to the rich or powerful persons only to get some impermanent conveniences. They want to gain some material pleasure or worldly comfort in terms of compromising their value or conscience. They sell their self-respect and become a slave to these possessions. This the meanest work. A man of having value or self-dignity never does it. Some people compel to give respect only for fear. But that is not from heart. This respect is also very terrific. Fear is a paper tiger .If we fear then only this fear frighten us. That is respect which comes from our heart without any force. It is a natural flow of our emotion. It must be always from spontaneous flow of our heart. No outer object or stimulant would affect to it. Nothing except inner sense would be responsible for it.

In our holy book it is to be said that the place where the respected are insulted and the evil doers are grated with respect there surely would come great danger. Those people never have the power to save themselves from a devastating fall.

Respect is another form of truth .Your every heartbeat should be real to understand the value of respect. If you are true to your nature then every heartbeat claims respect for a respectful person. A person who is worthy of respect gets respect of every one. Sometime it is also to be noticed a person who is highly deserve respect but she or he won’t get it. This is the play of fortune. This is exception. This is very pathetic .still this is how the irony of life.

In our ancient scriptures and books it is to be claimed to give respect to the old. We agree with that. Seniors are always respected. Then to senior   citizens more respect has to be given. People should pay attention to the old persons.

But living in post modern era we can say that it is not enough to give respect to only those persons. But there are a lot to the list to give respect. We have so many purposes with this respect. So the next we should respect to the children. Give respect to the teachers is a form of respect. Respect to any relationship is always a kind of respect. We always must give respect to our work. Respect is worship. So try to continue this  good habit to make life holy. 

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