Essay on Rome was not Built in a Day

This English proverb contain the secret behind the success of every successful man or nation on this planet.

The ancient city of Rome is one of the most beautifully created masterpieces and an enduring relic of the past. However the imposing facade and structure of this ancient Roman Capital was not the outcome of a day’s job. It required centuries of perseverance, dedication and effort to bring it to this level of magnificence. The expression came from the medieval French Phrase published around 1890 and as first used in English in the works of John Heywood’s ‘ A dIalogue Conteinyng the Nomber in Effect of all the Prouerbes in the Englishe Tongue in 1538 .

The adage indicates that every work of splendour and grandeur requires time and effort. It takes time sometimes years to master a skill, a craft, a habit and while it is good to keep our aims focused on the gains, it is best not to lose perspective of the fact that it is not going to happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day, they were laying bricks every hour.

The problem is we become so enamoured with the larger picture that we lose sight of the short term steps which actually go on to build the picture. Every mundane, faltering, stumbling step counts to make a difference. We cannot expect to become a master of a skill without spending hours sweating it out on the nitty gritty details. It is important to focus on our daily steps rather than worry about the final outcome.

Start small. Whether you aim to become a great writer, cricketer, business man and investor whatever. Start small and never undermine the importance of each step. It is suppose someone is stepping into the field of mutual funds and would like to see brilliant returns in a short span. It is not going to happen. But that does not mean that one gives up on saving. Every penny saved is a contribution towards the larger goal.

A cricketer who spends hours perfecting each stroke, each throw in the practice nets is the one who has chances of scoring big on the Final day.

Small steps lead to a stronger foundation. People who jump start towards their goal have more chances of faltering and stumbling on the way, leading to the entire structure toppling down. But given ample time and labor invested in any activity is bound to give more enduring result.

Any change or any event of monumental significance takes time. Any human undertaking required dedication and patience, whether be it building a relationship or building an empire. One must incorporate patience and must not lose motivation or inspiration while persevering relentlessly in the pursuit of perfection. One jump does not bring Mount Everest within reach. Lives of all great and successful men show that they achieved greatness by hard work and determined efforts sustained through many days, months and years.

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