Security Cameras and Privacy

Security or Surveillance cameras are video equipped cameras with the sole purpose of observing a demarcated portion of a place  in the premises. Often they are connected to an IP network or a recording device monitored by a law enforcement officer or a security guard. Now, let us understand what does the security cameras do?

First of all, they ensure public safety. With the help of these surveillance cameras, the law enforcing people can combat crimes from happening and can speedily come to a conclusion of the crime with material evidences derived from these cameras. Moreover, these cameras also act as a guard against property theft and vandalism.

In today’s world the police and the governments are hugely utilizing the security cameras in public places. Formerly, they were used only in banks and at high security areas. But these days the uses of these cameras have entered in public places like malls, streets, transport and stadiums. 

We must not forget that technology is a double-edged sword. While the innovation results in greater benefit for us, it also causes several difficulties. Though majority of people support because of its enormous benefits, some are toughly opposed to it due to their vested interest. Though its advantages outnumber its disadvantages some still insist that individual has right to privacy!

We will now analyze about its pros and cons to come to a better conclusion of its usage. 

What are its advantages?

1. Combat crimes:

The largest advantage of this camera installation which can be felt instantly is the sense of security which is undoubtedly priceless. Your home or office premises never remain a easy target anymore. A psychological impact starts on any person by mere view of it. It provides you with solution from theft, punctuality or productivity. 

2. It accumulates evidence: 

The modern security cameras these days are not only equipped with very high-quality video ability but also audio as well. The clear images blend with distinct sound enables the law enforcing authorities immensely in legal scenario as they can view with the security cameras the series of happenings as they really took place. 

3. Scenarios and activities can be monitored: 

These cameras come handy and in different shapes and sizes, it can be installed anywhere  if there is power source close by which in return aid in detecting suspicious people and keep a close watch on their activities.

4. Decision can be rightly arrived:

Making security cameras as an ally one can come to a right decision because footage from the security cameras can be portrayed for view of the actual fact that took place on screen, live. Thereby, fabricated, inappropriate or incorrect claims of the customers or other authorities can be sorted out when the security cameras been played. 

5. Records maintained:

Since these security cameras store the images and sound of the happenings in your home or office even of some time ago, any crime whether minor or major; actual happenings can easily be detected, investigated and solved.

What are its Disadvantages?

1. Privacy Jeopardized:

‘Invasion of privacy’ becomes the main reason of objection by some people. They argue that by installing of such cameras in the offices particularly, the employers already project mistrust on their employees. This would demotivate their moral.

2. Costly Undertaking:

Installation of original and not the dummy security cameras are undoubtedly a very costly affair. Moreover, it entails a huge maintenance cost continuously.

3. Vulnerable to misuse or damage: 

Tech-savvy criminals can manipulate and make things worse for you. In such case you would incur loss, damage, and misuse instead of any benefit.

4. Does not stop theft: 

These security cameras cannot stop the theft happening or alert neighbors or police as an alarm system would do. They can only record footage for viewing in some later period to detect the criminals. Which means that inspite of installation of these security cameras you need to run to the court, make insurance claims and reorder stolen inventory which will result in your loss. 

Thus, prior to making a decision of installation of such security cameras it is necessarily important that you acquire knowledge about the camera that enables to serve the best of your purpose so that you rightly choose the technological marvel to feel better about your choice and necessity.

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