Selfie is a modern item. It is seen in screen touch mobile. Selfie is taken through our mobile’s front camera. This is a good thing. But excessive use of it has numerous bas effects. Selfie means a self-portrait. It is a photograph taken from the front sight of an android mobile. Selfie is typically taken from a Smartphone.

It helps us to cease a moment .It’s good. But this also has several bad effects. Most of the teenagers become Selfie –lover. In the passion of such Selfie they even don’t bother their lives. Many times we hear or see in newspapers or T.V channels that both boys and girls of young age have lost their lives just due to take Selfie. The teenagers are so crazy that they risk their precious life for a moment’s joy. We can use our hands or a Selfie stick to take Selfie. Selfies are mostly used in social networking sites to share their post or to upload something in any sight. These sights are –Facebook, Instagram etc. They are for showing our pride. These things are usually used to flatter upon many things. These Selfies are very casual in manner and nature.

Selfie refers to self-portrait photos taken with a camera held at arm’s length. These are taken by using a self-timer or remote Selfie is an artificial thing which gives us pleasure for a while. It has no link with individual’s soul. Selfies can include so many subjects at a time. But the Selfie picture is being taken by one of the subjects which have featured in the photos.

Robert Cornelius in 1839 as an American pioneer in photography made a daguerreotype of himself. A copy of his first Selfie (1839) graces his tombstone .It was in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) at Laurel Hill Cemetery .In 1900 it has developed a lot. In 1914 one friend sent to her friend the photography of herself by the help of a mirror. There were self-portraits before digital photography. In 1970 self- portraiture flourished .In 2002 13th September Selfie first recognized to a paper or electronic medium. It appeared first in an Australian internet forum .Nathan Hope posted Dr. Karl’s self- serve science Forum. Later it was dismissed by Hope.

A Selfie can join more than one people on subjects to take a click. The concept of uploading group Selfies to the internet although started with a camera. Later smart phones came in the world of technology to make Selfie- photography.

To take Selfie is a type of hobby. It is good for our happiness. It is also good for our mental health. It affects our self-esteem and our social notion. This can boost our confidence at doing anything. It feeds our mood also. According to the study of psychology selfies are for our well-being. It influences the college students the most.

Selfie is a kind of technological system through which we can capture moment’s joy or sorrow. Now a day Selfie is more attached with the lives of modern people.

In other sense to take Selfie or habit of taking too much Selfies is one type of addiction. It is very harmful to the users. The teenagers and the young generation are the worst sufferers of this kind of menace.

The educated persons should allow the knowledgeable use of these types of modern items or junk foods. The habit of taking more Selfies is never a good habit. Many lost even their lives in terms of taking Selfie. People must take great concern regarding Selfie to improve our society in a utmost position. 

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