Sense of Humor

“Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the universe.”  -Albert Einstein

Humor is the sauce of life. When our seriousness wants to capture us then a slight sense of humor enliven us. The term is taken from the humoral medicine of ancient Greeks which expressed that the fluids in our body known as humors (Latin: humor, `body fluid`) controlled human health and emotion. It generally gives us laughter but sometime this humor becomes a sender of a message. In our English literature Ben Johnson is famous for his witty humor. It is also used for the sake of intellectual presentation. It comes from our deep meditative thought. To thinking is very necessary to express a great humor. It is always linked with our daily life. Most of the time it has a common issue but still it has a wit or sound of expression. It provides fun and happiness to our mind and soul.

William Congreve’s The Way of the World is the best example of humor based play or drama. Their even the characters’ name were very humorous only to create a strong sense of humor .A man of humor is more  preferable to common masses than a man of wit. It is because wit can understand by a few people but humor can easily conquer all’s hearts .Humor is for everyone. The best part of it is that humor is very lively and sportive. Mae West rightly said “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

History had a record that our freedom fighters were full of humor. That humor killed the grief to lose even their lives. Bhagat Singh, a martyr was played a role of humor even till the moment before he was hanged. So if anyone practices humor then life will be easy to her or him. Humor supplies the courage to cope with the troubles of our life. Sense of humor is always a positive trait of human character. It is an asset to human nature. It enables us to create empathy towards others. It is always a good sense. If someone improves it then it will be very well to his or her life. There are some easy ways to increase the level of one’s humor. The first way is to learn to laugh at you. Then the second is to laugh at others (with reason). Third is to keep an ear out for `benign’. Number four is to start learning a various types of jokes. Number five is to try actively to laugh every day. So one thing is very clear everyone should posses a little good sense of humor to enjoy the life better. Life is a farce without wit and humor. Humor produces laughter which is very necessary to our heart. It offers us amusement. People of every age response to sound of humor. So keep this trait to make life better

It is an ability to make laugh in serious and comic situations. It has the quality to laugh others. He or she has the power to make the environment comic and lively. It is a great human asset. We all remember Mr. Beans’ show in an English Channel. That show became very popular because of its sense of humor. So let’s try this human capability and make people happy.

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