Significance of Mitosis Cell Division

Places for Mitosis- cell are divided by the process of mitosis in bacteria, protozoa, dinoflagellate, mammals. Beside the mammalian cell, other cell division of mitosis is quite different, as the nuclear membrane remain intact. But in mammalian cell the nuclear membrane disappear in the first stage of mitosis and then reappear on the last stage of mitosis.

Significance of Mitosis:

Several significances are observed in the process of cellular division called mitosis.

1. Hereditary Conservation- As mitosis is the process where the chromosome number remains constant from mother cell to daughter cell. Suppose if the chromosome number in mother cell in 22pairs autosome (in case of humans), then the daughter cell will also get 22 pairs means 44 number of chromosome.

2. Size of the Cell- Due to the cell division process called mitosis size of cell re main constant.

3. Shape of the Body- Mitosis process is controlled by different protein molecules , which also control the cell numbers and the location of the cell division to give the shape of the body.

4. Transfer of Characteristics- As mitosis is the process where number of chromosome remain constant in mother and daughter cell, the characteristics of the organism are transfer from one generation to other. In some lower animals vegetative reproduction is observed where the number of chromosome are present in parent cell and the number of chromosome present in offspring are equal. As a result entire set of genes present in the chromosome is transfer to the offspring.

5. Pure, High Quality Characters are Preserved- If the parental organism contains some essential high quality characters this should be carried from parent to the offspring and the characteristics remain constant. Means the features are preserved.

6. Elasticity of the Skin- Mitosis helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin with the different circumstances.

7. Control wWear and Tear- As mitosis is associated with increase in number of cells of lower organisms, plant cell, animal cell ,it is also associated with regulation of the skin during wear and tear.

8. Replacement of Different Parts of the Body- Mitosis helps in the replacement of different parts of the body by proliferation of cell. Example- in case of lizard if their tail is shed off ,then again it is replenish by the new one. This process is occurred by mitosis and is called regeneration.

9. Multiplication of Unicellular Organisms- Different unicellular organism increase in number and make colony by the process called mitosis.

10. Associated with Growth of Eukaryotic Organism- As mitosis is associated with the increase in autosome and cell number, it is the major process of growth for higher organism.

Division of Chromosome

In mitotic cell division there is no chance of combination of characteristics, as the the parent cell chromosome is not combined with the other cell chromosome. This is only observed in meiosis cell division where two chromosome one from father and one from mother is combined together and crossing takes place (exchange of characteristics). Un controlled multiplication of cell may give rise to tumours.

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