Smoking is the puffing or inhaling of nicotine into the lungs wrapped in paper called ‘cigarettes’ or a certain tree leaves called ‘biris’. It causes dangerous addiction and causes life peril diseases like lung, throat, and tongue cancer in all age group.

Among several dangerous health hazards in this world, Smoking is one of the critical one. It is called the slow poison. Initially, the person enjoys the inhaling with the psychological stress relief, fantasy and flying in the clouds feeling. But gradually gets addicted to it and becomes the servant of its habit. A time comes when it becomes inevitable and one cannot do away without it.

Primarily, one gets addicted to this life killing habit in the youth.  The super stars, icons being the impetus for the same as they love to ape them viewing their films or seeing them in the picture posts in the magazine. It becomes a ‘copy style’ syndrome. In the long run, the actors and the cigarette companies used to benefit out of it. But later on with the great crisis envisaged, the Government had to enact a strict law for the same.

I was realized and discovered that worldwide people started dying enormously out of cancer as a result of smoking. The youth being the main target.

So, the Government of India was serious about the menace of smoking. In order to save the youth from its hazard the law was enacted strictly to mention in the cigarette packets with the cancer disease of the mouth, lungs and write the statutory warning that “Cigarette is injurious to health”. Wide scale hoardings are placed in and around the cities and villages, slides and audio visual videos played in the cinema halls to educate the mass about its life killing outcome. In films initially, the cigarette smoking scenes were banned for some time in Bollywood but later on with the relief of the court it was  again allowed with statutory warning written below  the scene as mentioned above in this content. 

In my school days, friends who were extra smart used to look down on my manliness because I never smoked or participated in their smoking party. With the passage of time and a long journey in life; today they declare and consider me lucky guy that I did not fall prey to their fantasy of falling into the addiction of smoking. It has become next to impossibility for them to de-addict themselves of this harmful habit. Moreover, passive smokers; mostly the other members of the family are also affected indirectly, too without their consent and knowledge.

It becomes beneficial for the family whose parents are non-smokers. Children learn to be of clean habits and are less prone to be smokers. Thereby, learn the clean habits of life. Even their youthful friends cannot coax and cajole them because in a good family the children has better  trust on their parents and their saying hold a final word for them in life .

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