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Sports in the world arena have existed far longer than the invention of television. However, the advent of television have completely revolutionized the concept of Sports in unimaginable proportions. Sports and television fit each other like a pair of gloves. From the time it arrived on the world platform around 194o-50s, the viewing of Sports and the way it gained popularity has undergone a sea change. Everything just got bigger, better and brighter.

Television has the uncanny ability of putting the audience right at the middle of action in ways in which newspaper or even radios could never do. It gives the feel to the spectators that they are a part of the live action by actually being on the stands, except that the view of the latest technology driven life size screens at homes and public places is better and more crystal clear. Being part of the live action, action replays, interesting commentaries and rare insights and not to mention the highlights and replays for those who inadvertently miss the live action creates pulse racing adrenal in rush.

In fact, television has been singularly responsible for putting in the limelight many athletic contests, sports and games which would otherwise have remained in the dust of time. Games like ice hockey, soccer, golf, tennis and auto racing was introduced to the world audience beyond their limited geographical milieu thanks to the outreach of television to millions and billions of homes across the globe.

The lucrative reach of television has ensured that top athletes across the globe as well as Sports leagues, teams and players have become immensely wealthy. The broad reach of television has ensured that the Sportsmen today enjoy the popularity and worth of celebrities and entertainers are known for their prowess on the field as much as for their Sponsorship deals.

Some critics, however blame television for having corrupted the field of Sports by involving high stakes in the game which has resulted in the overall decline of sportsmanship as athletes now have their focus shifted from team work and winning to landing attractive endorsements and indulging in self-promotion.

Sports timings are also moved to convenient time slots to accommodate the watching of such games by maximum number of audience interested in that particular Sports, which in turn translates to increased opportunities for coverage.

Sports leagues have also increased manifold with the mushrooming of television network. Intense rivalry within the federation also leading to further deterioration of the equality of Sports.

While the close networking of Sports and Television has both its positive and negative manifestations, there is no doubt that Sport on television is here to stay and it spells business of immense proportion. The popularity of Sports on T.V has also led to the spread of cable network with dedicated Sports channels catering to the sports buffs. Viewers across the globe can tune in at any time of the day to watch a sport of their choice on some channel or the other.

Hence, we find that the relation between Sports and T.V is today of mutual benefit and growth.

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